Case study 13: Outsourced switchboard service

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An example of the benefits of an outsourced switchboard can be seen with one of our clients, who are a large metal supplier.

Their company is made up of number of different departments, such as accounts, sales, dispatch, and goods in.  Within these departments, they have a large work force, totaling over 80 employees.

As their outsourced switchboard, we guarantee that no call of theirs is missed. We also have easy access to all employees and departments, therefore being able to efficiently forward on calls to the relevant team. For example, with callers asking for sales, we follow instructions to always transfer the call. We only ask callers for their name and company then try all of the contacts within the sales team until we get a response.

All of the virtual receptionists have taken the time to extensively learn about the running of this company, therefore when calls come in, we can accurately assess the correct course of action. As a result of this, their callers would not know that we are not based in their offices.

Get your small business off to the best start..

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When setting up your own business, it is very important to create the perfect first impression, to not only attract the necessary client base, but to also set your business off on the right track to success.  When building the foundations of your business, and working to develop a rapport with your clients, a telephone answering service can provide you with the support that you need during this time.  We can make your business appear larger than it may be, guaranteeing that your calls are always answered in an polite and friendly manner. We will also take the time to learn about your company and your potential clients, dealing with any queries when you cannot.

What ever your requirements, we will offer a tailor-made solutions to fit your business!

Switchboard Services

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Using an outsourced reception as a switchboard for your company, what ever its size, will have a vast amount of benefits for your business. Whether you would like an overflow switchboard, to relieve your current working team, or you would like your entire switchboard based at a central location, we can fit whatever requirements you need.

We can guarantee that every call will be answered, by a professional and friendly receptionist.
Accurately direct calls to any department or person required. Our system will allow for an unlimited amount of contacts within your company.
Patch to landlines or mobiles if required. If you have offices in different locations then we can transfer calls to where ever they may be.
No need for specialised software or equipment; our system can easily be integrated into your existing systems and processes.

Telephone Answering service to take bookings

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Using a telephone answering service to take bookings is something that can be extremely beneficial to your business. We have a wide range of clients, ranging from osteopathic clinics, cosmetic clinics and even alternative health clinics, that find a virtual booking service to work in the exactly the same way a full time receptionist would, for a fraction of the cost!

We can access your diary, whether it be through a remote desktop connection or an free online calendar, and manage your appointments. We can also use information provided, if you so wish, to advise callers on different treatment methods available. We can even obtain directions to your clinic, allowing us to make sure all your new clients know how to get to you. For many of our clients we also manage their appointment reminders, sending messages to clients or ringing them to remind them of future appointments.

This service works so well, that your clients would be none the wiser that we were not based at your clinic. They would expect to see us when they walk through the door!

Order taking service

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From small businesses to large businesses, an order taking service can be vital to success. Missing potential orders can mean missing out on profits. A number of our clients have found that callers get put off by an answering machine, or a busy tone, and that is business lost! Potential customers want to make one call and place an order, with no fuss or hassle.

Using Best Reception as an ordering service, means that you needn’t worry about this again! We have a number of clients that we place orders for, through a variety of different means. Whether it be using sage pay, paypal, a bespoke online portal, website payment pages or even just emailing over details, you will never miss out on a potential order.

With Best reception, you can try this service yourself, completely free of charge!

Case study 12: Telephone answering service to help office workload

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One of our clients, who specialise in Finance and H.R recruitment throughout Essex, use our service to help them to manage the workload of having have new candidates joining them everyday. When a new candidate joins they send their CV with all their employment history and contact details. The recruitment company then send us the CV to be formatted. They have given us a detailed template for us to follow, to format the CV to the highest standard. For example, we must change any references to “I” into the third person, and we also make sure that all aspects of the CV are separated into the right categories. Education categories are divided into that which is standard Education, and that which is qualifications gained beyond this. IT Skills are also picked out of all CV’s and placed into a separate section. We always make sure that the CV follows the template exactly.

Case study 11: Telephone Answering service for Specific requirements.

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Every client is different, and they may have different specifications due to the size of their company. An example of this with one of our clients is a recruitment company that are based in a small office in Shropshire. They are a smaller company and we have fit our call handling to their specifications.
For example, we never put the caller on hold. We always say that ‘my colleague is on the other line’ unless they update their movements on their online diary to say otherwise. This is because of their small location, clients calling in would know that we could see them, so we would not need to transfer calls, or check if they are available.
Also, as they are a recruitment company, we need to take certain information from prospective candidates. The main thing is to ask them to send their CV over and say that one of the consultants will be in touch once they have had a look through. We also ask them what position or type of work they are interested in and where they heard if us.
We also will deal with prospective new clients, who are looking for us to help them recruit for a position. What we then do with these calls is take their details, along with a description of the job roll, and tell callers that a consultant will be in touch as soon as possible.

Case Study 10: Using information provided to be more than a telephone answering service.

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Also with another company of ours, who are a childrens bike accessory distributor, we use information provided to answer lots of queries. This is a valuable service to a lot of our clients as it means they can spend more time running their business while we answer the frequently asked questions. For example, with this client, we answer questions concerning delivery times. We can tell callers that delivery will take 2 working days if ordered by a courier before 2pm, and we can also tell them what courier service is used. We can also answer questions people have about the products themselves. For example, we have been given information about the differences between the products, the dimensions and what age range the products are made for. We also have information on the returns policy, informing callers that items can be returned if the original order details are kept. Also we can deal with urgent queries as well, prioritizing these problems above the rest so they are dealt with as soon as possible. Having all of this information makes the callers feel like they are talking to somebody within the company.

Case Study 9: Using information provided to be more than just an answering service.

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Another example of Best Reception being more than just an answering service is with one of our clients who are are a mobile car mileage correct company, with engineers based all over the UK. They have provided us with an excel spreadsheet, which contains the costs to perform a car mileage correction for all different makes and models of cars. Because of this, when callers would like a quotation, we can give them the details there and then. We also do our best to secure the booking for our client by letting the callers know that they can be booked in within the next few days at a location of their convenience.

Case Study 8: Raising support tickets for clients.

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One of our clients, who are an IT Solutions company, managing the IT Departments for small companies, require us to log their help desk faults. On top of receiving their calls, we also receive all of their help desk emails. When one of their clients email in with a technical fault we then have to log into their system and raise a ticket for the fault. We fill in a form which asks for the contact name, the company site they are emailing from and details of the fault. Filling this in then creates the ticket. On top of this we also update tickets that have already been raised for previous support problems. We can access old tickets and when their clients email in with updates on a particular problem, we can action these updates onto the existing case.