Call answering for short term loan providers

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Due to the current economic climate short time loan providers have become increasingly popular. As an industry, short term loan providers have experienced a sharp rise in demand, which is why our telephone answering service can help you cope with this demand.  Best Reception can provide you with a seamless answering service, which has helped many short term loan providers successfully manage their influx of new business. We achieve this by providing you with a tailor-made service to suit your every need and by supplying you with a team of polite and friendly receptionists.

Regardless to whether your call intake is high or low Best Reception aim to ensure every call is answered and dealt with efficiently. If you have a large call volume you would have employ multiple in-house receptionists to avoid calls going unanswered which would be extremely costly! On the other hand if you only receive a small amount of calls it is not very cost effective to employ an in-house receptionist. In both cases leaving a call to go unanswered is incredibly off-putting and is not the impression you should be giving to new and existing customers due to the rise in competition.

Callers wanting a short term loan are not very likely to leave an answer phone message and await a response. We understand the urgency of the calls and can obtain bespoke information from the caller before putting a call through to you or taken a message if you prefer.  This helps you to deal with the enquiry as quickly as possible leaving your callers happy and helping to improve your time management which when running a business is extremely important.


Case Study – Call Answering for Photographers

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Here at Best Reception, amongst our diverse range of clientele we have photographers. They find it very beneficial to use our call answering service as they may be unable to answer the phone whilst on photo shoots or while they are with clients. If you yourself are a photographer and are struggling to juggle current clients, new clients and answering the phone, why not save yourself the time by using a virtual receptionist to answer your calls for you.

Being able to divert your phones lines over to us easily means you can switch them to us whenever you want, giving you the full confidence to turn your phone off and know all of your calls are being handled in a professional and friendly manor and you will not be disturbed whilst with clients.

You can receive your messages by email, SMS or even have us to call you with the clients on the phone, so you can have the option whether to speak to them or not. We can obtain any information you will need to call them back, such as their name, number and their company name if it’s applicable. We can also gain extra information that you may find useful, such as the date of the event or wedding they would like you to take photos for, or anything else you may need.

Provide us with prices or any other information which may be relevant to your company and we can answer as many questions as we can for your callers if they ask. This will save you a great amount of time and is much cheaper than hiring a front of house receptionist to answer your calls, which also creates a problem when two calls are ringing in at the same time.

Save yourself time and money by using Best Receptions call answering service for a friendly first point of contact for your business.

Call Handling for Recruitment Companies.

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 A client of ours specialising in Recruitment inShropshirefind it particularly beneficial using Best Reception to answer their calls. They find that using our answering service makes their small office appear larger and helps save time as we screen out any unnecessary sales calls that may interrupt them needlessly whilst working or with clients.

 When it comes to using a reception service you can give us your own bespoke form so we will retrieve the information you require. This not only saves you time when it comes to returning the call but also enables you to have all the information in front of you when you are speaking to the candidate for the first time.

For instance for this particular recruitment company they like us to ask new candidates what type of vacancy they are interested in and ask them to email over their CV. This way they have all the candidates’ details in front of them when they return the call.

Here at Best Reception we can even format CV for you on request if you have a particular format for them. However if you would rather us simply take a message this is of course not a problem. Whatever you are looking for Best Reception can offer a Tailor made service to fit your needs.

Independent Driving Instructor

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Being an independent driving instructor in particular is a profession that can take you away fromyour phones. You will spend most of your working day out on the road, with your existing clients on driving lessons. This is why we have a large client base in this industry, as we provide a solution to ensure that all enquiries are dealtwith quickly and efficiently.

For many of our clients in this industry we use a free and easy to use online diary system, to book in lessons for their existing clients and new students, as well as reschedule lessons if required. Our clients have found that this not only keeps their existing clients happy by having their requirements quickly dealt with, but it also has significantly increased their clientele. This is because when their potential new students call in, they are always able to get through to a receptionist that can answer all of their questions and get them booked in, as opposed to being greeted by a voicemail or having their call unanswered.

Our sophisticated call handling software means that we can have easy access to a large amount of information, meaning that we can deal with questions and queries for you when you are out on lessons. For example, we can advise your callers on the prices of individual lessons, any bulk bookings you may do, the areas you cover, the type of car that you use, even information on booking theory and practical tests if you wish.

Telephone Answering for photographers

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Here at Best reception, we have a large variety of clients that are in the photography industry, all of which find our telephone answering service extremely beneficial to the running of their companies.

Being a photographer these days is a very competitive industry, as there are many freelance photographers and companies to compete with. This is why it is vital for success that your calls are not missed, as many potential new enquiries will keep “shopping around” if they do not get through to you straight away. What’s more, many callers will also be put off by a voicemail message or a busy tone, and this is where your virtual receptionist comes in!

Not only will your virtual receptionist create a professional and friendly image for your company, but we can also deal with any enquiries you wish us to when you are busy in your studio or out on a shoot. If you so wish, we can answer any questions callers may have, from prices for events, studio fees, family portraits, right through to directions to your studio.

Furthermore, many of our clients in this industry use us to book in shoots and take orders. With an easy to manage free online diary system, we can get your new and existing clients booked in to your studio quickly and efficiently! We can also take orders for you, if you sell portraits or would like us to take over the phone payments from your clients.

Telephone Answering Service to take orders

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Here at Best Reception many of our clients use our telephone answering service as an order line, to process
orders for their customers. There are many ways in which we can do this, for example,
we can use online payment systems (i.e sagepay), a personal websites checkout
or we can just send you order information via email.

For many of our clients, this saves them valuable time as well as money! Letting best reception handle their order taking means their time can be better spent in other areas of running their business, and it is
also a cost effective way to have your very own sales team.

It is also vital for success that potential customers can reach you quickly (i.e. not be greeted by a call waiting message) and that their requirements are dealt with efficiently. What’s more, having a telephone
answering service as a customer order line also means you do not alienate any clientele that do not like to place orders online on unfamiliar websites, they will be able to call through to a team of friendly receptionists.

With one of our clients, they have provided us with a secure online payment system as well as access to their order database. As a result of this, we can place ordered quickly and securely for any customers that call in.
What’s more, we can also deal with customers enquiring about the status of their order, and make any amendments. If customers would like to know expected delivery dates, or if there order has been despatched, we can provide this information. We can also edit existing orders, if customers call in and they
would like to change what they have ordered.

This service works incredibly well for many of our clients, as it provides them with a cost effective customer service team to take their orders, as well as saving them valuable time to concentrate on other areas of
running their business.

Call Answering for Accountants

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At Best Reception we have many clients who are accountants, whether they are small family run businesses, sole traders or large corporate businesses, we are here to handle their calls. For instance smaller family run businesses or sole traders may not have a need for a front house Receptionist, for example they may not have an office for clients to come to. Therefore by using our professional call answering service we help save them time by handling their calls for them. Not only this but we offer competitive rates so why pay for a receptionist when you can have your own team of virtual receptionists to handle your calls. For larger accountant companies we are here to handle any overspill calls when your receptionist is on the other line or away from her desk. Or if you prefer we can handle all of the calls and direct them to the correct person either by acting as your very own switchboard and putting them through or by emailing messages.

Whilst busy at work the annoying ring may distract you and having to answer the phone will divert you from what you are doing, wasting a great deal of your time. Get your work completed at a faster rate by having Best Reception send you over messages so you can speak to clients at your own pace. Also with our free sales screening we make sure any calls which may waste you time are eradicated.

If you would prefer we can even put the calls through to you, as we do for one of our accountants. They then know who is calling, and have the choice to speak to them or not. They can also turn their phone off altogether, avoiding any distractions, knowing their calls are still being handled in a polite friendly manner and that they will receive an email explaining who called and why with a contact number to reach them on.

However you would like your calls answered we will specifically tailor the handling to suit your needs, either way we will save you time and money, saving you from annoying distractions.

Case Study – Nursing Homes

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One of our clients, who run a nursing home is Sussex, use our telephone answering service to handle a large volume of calls whilst they are busy with the day to day running of the home. They found that between looking after the residents, keeping up with paperwork and organising staff rotas, they were not always able to answer their phones. It is vital for the successful running of their business that all calls are answered, not only because family members need to always be in contact with the home, but also to help the growth of their business by having potential new enquiries dealt with professionally and efficiently.

One of the ways in which we save them valuable time is by accurately prioritising their calls. As this nursing home does experience a large volume of calls, this is a vital aspect of their service, so they can efficiently deal with more pressing matters. For example, family members calling the home with information about a resident is prioritised over any other matters. Also, any calls from healthcare professionals organising appointments for the residents are also urgently dealt with. As part of this service, any unwanted sales calls are also screened out, and any calls not directly about the residence of the nursing home are not put through, they are prioritised behind urgent matters.

Furthermore, we also send them a log of all calls put through to the home, as sometimes their day can become very hectic, and they may forget speaking to someone, so this way they have a record of all their callers!

Also, with this client, as calls may be of a sensitive nature, it is vital that all calls are handled in a professional way, always making sure all callers feel at ease and comfortable when engaging in conversation. This is something that all of our receptionists are extremely good at, not only assessing the urgency of the situation but showing empathy towards all callers. We understand that answering your calls means that we are representing your business, which is why we always strive to create a fantastic lasting impression on all of your callers!

Case Study for customer service help line

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For one of our clients, who are children’s bike accessory distributors, we use information provided to act as a customer service helpdesk, answering potential customer questions and queries. This is a valuable service to a lot of our clients as it means they can spend more time running their business while we answer the frequently asked questions. Not only this, but many businesses like this one have acknowledge that many of their potential customers prefer talk to someone before placing an order, either to answer  their questions or to place orders over the phone. It is important not to alienate such a large potential client base that do not like placing orders through unfamiliar websites. 

With this client in particular, we answer a wide variety of questions concerning delivery, differences between products, the returns and exchange policy and pricing. For example, we can advise callers of the different kinds of delivery costs, from next day delivery services to standard royal mail delivery. We can also have information for delivering abroad, so customers calling from any other country wanting to place an order are correctly informed about costs. Furthermore, we have a vast amount of information on pricing, from the price of individual items to any special offers that may be running. We can also advise callers on prices of local distributors.

We also have information on returns policy, informing callers that items can be returned if the original order details are kept. We also advise callers to state where they brought the original product and the reason for returning it, and instruct them to email this information to the returns department.

We also have access to pictures and general information about the products, such as weight and dimension, which is very useful when advising callers. With this client in particular, he also visited our offices with a presentation about his company. He wanted to meet the team in person and not only provide us with information about the history of his company, but also to show us his products, samples of which he left for us at the office. This process really helped us to become more than just an answering service, we became an extension of his company.

As their customer service desk, it is also vital for us to prioritize all calls and queries that come in.  For example, matters of urgency need to be marked as such so our client can deal with these accordingly.

Here at Best Reception, we will always offer a tailor made service to suit the requirements of your business. With this client, we are happy to go above and beyond to become the successful and efficient customer help line that they require.

Case Study – Ordering Service

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Here at Best Reception we can take orders from your callers by using online payment systems, your personal websites or by taking the details for you and sending them securely in two messages for safety. There is no need to use up you precious time taking orders, or paying an expensive sales team when Best Reception can make sure all orders are handled in the best way possible for a fraction of the price. Make sure you do not loose out on any clients who may try to call whilst you are in meetings, or who may be too afraid to place orders online by giving them the option to call through to a team of friendly receptionists.

One of our clients have provided us with an online payment system which allows us to place orders in an efficient and secure way. Not only this but we can also track orders, change order details and cancel orders. This helps save our client a huge amount of time as we are able to provide all the information that callers need and help them with any order queries.

We can also log onto your website and place the order for the caller. This can be very useful as people may not feel they can do the order online themselves or may feel a lot more comfortable talking to a person on reception.

For another of our clients we take payment by entering all the card details into a simple message. This may be useful if you don’t have a payment system or website. These details are quickly emailed over to you in two messages for security.

Make sure you save your own time and do not miss out on valuable sales whilst otherwise occupied by having Best Reception take your orders, helping increase your own revenue.