Call Answering for Car Showrooms

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Not only do they deal with car sales, but they also have another branch of their business that provides rentals. Many of their enquiries can be dealt with over the phone, and by using a virtual reception to handle these enquiries their salesmen have more time to do what they do best, cater to the in house customers!

For example, Best Reception can give out quotes for renting or purchasing cars, helping save you time and get the ball rolling for new enquiries much faster. Our system can have easy access to a vast amount of information, and for this client in particular this allows us to quote rental prices over the phone. We ask the callers what type of car they are looking to rent, and how long for. Depending on the make and engine size of what they require, we quote prices from 3 day rentals through to 2 week rentals.

Furthermore, we also answer many callers’ questions and queries. For example, we answer questions regarding insurance excess, mileage allowances, prices and payment methods, even directions into the show room. This client in particular has already found that this is saving him valuable time, allowing him and his salesmen to focus on other areas of running the business.

Make sure you’re saving time by using Best Receptions call answering service. Provide us with any needed information and when faced with questions from callers, we can deal with these accordingly, answering their queries, causing them to think they are speaking to someone from your very own company. Never let a call go to voicemail again due to a busy receptionist or a busy showroom, and have all calls answered quickly and dealt with in a professional yet friendly manner.

Your team of Virtual Receptionists

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Here at Best reception, one very important aspect of our service is having familiarity. Not only do we aim to create familiarly among our receptionists with your regular callers, your company and your call handling, but also to have your regular callers become aware of your receptionist!

We achieve this by assigning you a team of 4 receptionists including a team leader who will be your main point of contact if there are any problems or changes you wish to make. By regularly answering your calls your team will become familiar with all aspect of your company including your clients. In addition to this you can also have a VIP list. This is where we will keep a record of your most regular callers so we can act familiar with them, which will keep them happy and will stop them being questioned for their details each time they call.

This service is extremely cost effective, rather than having one in house receptionist why not have a team of four receptionists taking your calls! This will not only save you time trying to employ a receptionist for your company but will also save you money.

Another benefit of having a team of receptionists is appearance. By outsourcing your calls you can make your company appear as a larger enterprise. If you so wish your callers will be completely unaware of the size of your company, and your receptionists can instruct your callers about sales departments, accounts and even shipping.

Furthermore, by allowing us to answer your calls we are able to disclose information on your daily movements to your callers. This will help keep your new and existing clients happy as we are able to advise them on when they are likely to receive a call back.

So if you would like all of the above simply outsource your reception to Best Reception and get your team of polite professional receptionists today.

Client Feedback

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We always love to hear back from our clients with regards to how well our service works for their business: “The message quality is great and is really working for us”. Keep up the good work girls!

Telephone Answering for photographers

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Here at Best reception, we have a large variety of clients that are in the photography industry, all of which find our telephone answering service extremely beneficial to the running of their companies.

Being a photographer these days is a very competitive industry, as there are many freelance photographers and companies to compete with. This is why it is vital for success that your calls are not missed, as many potential new enquiries will keep “shopping around” if they do not get through to you straight away. What’s more, many callers will also be put off by a voicemail message or a busy tone, and this is where your virtual receptionist comes in!

Not only will your virtual receptionist create a professional and friendly image for your company, but we can also deal with any enquiries you wish us to when you are busy in your studio or out on a shoot. If you so wish, we can answer any questions callers may have, from prices for events, studio fees, family portraits, right through to directions to your studio.

Furthermore, many of our clients in this industry use us to book in shoots and take orders. With an easy to manage free online diary system, we can get your new and existing clients booked in to your studio quickly and efficiently! We can also take orders for you, if you sell portraits or would like us to take over the phone payments from your clients.

Call Answering for Marketing Campaigns.

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Marketing campaigns such as mail shots or promotions on discount websites are becoming increasingly popular to entice new cliental to new and existing companies.

Using Best Reception call answering service will help you with the high volume of calls that may be due to advertising such promotions.

Many of our clients who are advertising marketing campaigns via websites, leaflet drops or mail shots are supplying us with a detailed description of these promotions so we are always prepared for any question or query that comes our way. We have found that our booking clients such as beauticians or osteopaths have many calls that come through within the hour of the promotion going live on websites.

Best Reception will supply your company with a dedicated team of four girls who will answer your calls quickly and professionally making sure no call is ever missed and handled in the most efficient way. Your 4 receptionists will revise your company so as soon as you start using the call answering service they will know your company and services to the best of their knowledge.

When using a marketing campaign, you may want us to obtain certain information regarding the promotion so when you discuss this with the client you are aware they have been recommended via a campaign and you have that certain voucher or unique codes to hand. Information we can take upon your request would be where they have seen the campaign, what codes are on the email or voucher and whether they have dealt with your company before.

At Best Reception you will have you own personal script so when a call comes through on your line all your current information regarding promotions will appear, this will be your decision whether you would like to disclose this or not.


Telephone answering service for Colonic Irrigation clinics

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One of our clients, who specialize in colonic irrigation, use our telephone answering service to provide their clinic with a full time receptionist. As well as booking and managing appointments, our receptionists also perform many administrative tasks, which significantly contributes to the successful running of the clinic. Having this service provides their clinic with a professional and friendly receptionist for half the cost of employing someone front of house.

For this client, we have provided them with a free online diary service to book and manage appointments. This system, which is not only cost effective but is also very easy to use, allows our receptionists to access the clinic diary and effectively book in new and existing clients. The diary also contains the clinic opening times and all the practitioner info to allow us to book in appointments quickly and efficiently.

Also, with this client in particular, many potential new clients will call in with various questions and queries about the treatment.  For example they may ask about prices, the advantages of the treatment, any side effects to be expected or how regularly they should have the treatment. As part of the service we provide, we have access to all of the answers to these common FAQ’s so we can efficiently provide clients with the information they require. This also helps ensure that time at the clinic is managed efficiently, as their time is not monopolized in areas where it is not most needed.

What’s more, we also take payments for upcoming appointments and place orders for products. Using a very simple online checkout, we can take deposit payments and even full payments for clients wanting to pay in advance. This clinic in particular also supplies various supplements to take after treatments, and our receptionists can take the orders for these.

Sourcing your very own Telephone Number

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As well as handling your calls in a professional, efficient and cost effective way Best Reception can also provide you help in choosing your business telephone number.

If you are just starting your own business you may be finding it difficult knowing how to get a good deal on a telephone number or even where to find one. Here at Best Reception we provide the perfect solution as we can source your very own number at a competitive price. Whether you are after a 0800, 0845 or a local geographical number we can help.

0800 numbers can be useful as it attracts more callers as anyone calling from theUKcan call for free. Therefore they are more likely to call you before another company without a 0800 number. Not only this but you will be able to represent your company throughout the whole country and if you move you don’t have that problem of changing your number.

However if you would rather appear as a local company you may be after a local geographic number, again we can simply provide one for you straight away so you don’t have to worry!

Whatever your needs might be Best Reception can find the perfect solution. Call us today to find out more.

Telephone Answering for Large Businesses

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Numerous large businesses have found that outsourcing their reception has provided them with a cost effective and a time efficient solution for their call handling requirements.

As a larger business, your company may have multiple locations and departments. Using Best Receptions telephone answering service as a main switchboard and centralised location for all your calls can be extremely beneficial. We can transfer calls to any number you require, as well as directing calls to relevant departments and contacts. This allows for your callers queries to be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

What’s more, having an outsourced switchboard is incredibly cost effective, as having a team of in house receptionists taking your calls will be a great expense for your company. However not having the staff to handle a high volume of calls could loose you potential business. This is why many larger companies use an outsourced reception, to handle a high volume of calls at low cost! Here at Best Reception you will have a team of receptionists to help ensure that all of your calls are always answered, not only quickly but to the highest of standards!

Effective Time Management

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All business owners will know how important effective time management is when running a successful company. It is essential that when organising the day to day running of your business, that your time is not monopolised in areas where it is not most needed. This is why many of our clients use our telephone answering service, as telephone interruptions can be a major time consumer (and unanswered calls could be very costly for your business!).
Here at Best Reception we can handle your calls and guarantee none of them will go unanswered. Your callers will be greeted by a professional and friendly receptionist and not an answer phone! This will help decrease your work load, allowing you to have more time in other areas of you business. Diverting your calls to us will not only offload some of the day to day strain of running a business, but your customers will also feel satisfied after speaking to a polite and professional receptionist, rather than struggling to get hold of you. Why have to go through a number of answer phone messages just to find the caller has not left a number? By using our message taking service we can ensure all the relevant details are obtained to save you time and effort.
What’s more, we can also save you valuable time by booking and managing your diary. Many of our clients use our telephone answering service to help them manage their meetings, book in appointments, speak to clients and even help with their admin paperwork. If you are out on the road or otherwise engaged, your receptionist team can remotely help the running of your office, by doing any jobs that you require!
Furthermore, by using a shared online diary we can access your movements, allowing us to know your schedule and inform your callers on when it is best to reach you or when they are likely to receive a call back. This will help maintain a good rapport with your customers as they will not become frustrated when trying to reach you.
Unlike many other telephone answering services, we also offer a cold call screening service completely free of charge. We understand how time consuming these calls can be especially when you are not interested. So we will take these calls for you and deal with them so you don’t have to!
So if you need help with time management contact us at Best Reception and we can help you concentrate on the areas where you time is most needed!

Client feedback

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One of our clients, who run an osteopathic clinic, let us know that one of their clients said that

“My experience with your clinic has been extraordinary, from the kind and accommodating reception services to the excellent personalised care from my Osteopaths.”

Well done to all the receptionists for their hard work! 😀