Call handling for unwanted and important calls.

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Not only do Best Reception offer a brilliant service when it comes to handling your calls but we can also supply you with the facility to block any unwanted sales calls. These calls we can block could consist of electric and gas companies, recruitment or advertising companies. Alternatively we can also offer a service where you can give us an “ignore list” where you would request certain companies not to be put through to your line and we can advise them that you are not interested. Many of our clients find that our sales screening service saves them valuable time, by ensuring that they do not have to deal with unwanted cold calls.
As well as an ignore list, we also have a VIP list where you can give us a list of your callers that you do not want us to ask what the call is regarding and put them straight through to you. By implementing this system for your company we can act as if we know your VIP caller.
This service is completely free and optional. You may wish to have every call put through to yourself or every sales call blocked and screened. If one of the calls you wish us to block slip through the net, just pop us over an email and we can add them to your block list for future reference.

How To Set Up Your Line

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If you’re considering setting up a line with Best Reception then do not hesitate to call us today, as it is a very quick and easy process. With some simple information such as what your company does, who works there and what to do with your calls we can get a line set up for you.

We begin by giving you your own unique DDI to divert your calls to. It is a number local to us which is in Hertford, which you then divert your business line to. If you are based near and do not yet have a number for your company, you can even choose to use this as your number. Alternatively, if you would like us to supply you with a business phone number we can easily do this for you; we can get 0800, 0845 or even 020 numbers. Once we have supplied you with a number, you can then easily divert as many lines as you wish to us!

When it is out of our working hours (Monday to Friday 8am – 7pm and Saturday 8:30 am to 5:30pm) you have a few options as to what you would like your calls to do. We can either set your divert so the calls go straight to your phone out of hours, or we can set up your very own voicemail.  When callers leave a message, a sound bite is then email straight to you, or if you wish we can listen to these for you and send them to you as messages, or action them if able (i.e. booking appointments or calling clients back as required) We can also arrange a 24 hour service if you want your calls to be answered by a receptionist 24/7. Or you can even choose to just have nothing happen to your calls when out of hours and have your calls just ring out.

We then set up a script for you, routing it to your DDI and brief all of the receptionists in your team on your company. You can then easily divert your calls permanently or switch it on and off whenever you are unable to take the calls. So why wait, calls Best Reception today to set up your very own line.

Telephone Answering Service for Cleaning Companies

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Here at Best Reception we answer calls for a large amount of cleaning companies based in the UK. Cleaning as a profession in particular is one that will take you away from your office and your phones. As a result of this calls can often be missed and this is why many of our clients in this industry use our service.

When you are not at your office and on a job site it may not always be feasible to answer your calls. As a result of this potential new enquiries may be missed and existing clients may get frustrated when they can not get through to you. Many callers who may be enquiring about your cleaning services may take their business else where if they cannot get through to you and may not leave a message if they hear an answer phone. Our telephone answering service can ensure that you do not miss out on this all important new business by dealing with all of your enquiries professionally and efficiently.

With one of our clients, who own a cleaning company based in Hertfordshire, we use a free online diary system to book and manage their appointments. We are able to access the movements of all the cleaners they employ so when enquiries come in we can book them in a convenient time slot with an available cleaner. What’s more we can also have access to exisiting client appointments, cancelling and rescheduling when required.

We are also able to answer any common questions and queries that callers may have saving you valuable time. For example we can advise callers on pricing, working hours, areas that you cover, types of cleaning you provide (i.e. office cleaning, domestic cleaning) and even take payments over the phone!

Telephone Answering for Podiatrists

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Many of our clients within the podiatry sector use our telephone answering and booking service to ensure that all their clients are dealt with professionally and
efficiently. Podiatry in particular is a profession that takes you away from your phones, with much of your day being monopolised with home visits or clinic
appointments. Because of this, we have a large client base in this sector that use best reception to ensure that all their potential new clients and existing
clients are catered to.

Whether you are an independent podiatrist, working from a clinic based at your home, or part of a larger clinic working from multiple locations, or free online diary provides many of our clients with an easy to use booking system. With shared access to this diary, we are able to book appointment in any way you require. For example, we can book in home visits on specific days only, and only in certain locations (i.e. surrounding postcodes), and we can also change
appointment lengths depending on treatment required. With one of our clients, we book in basic chiropody appointments (i.e. hard skin removal, veruca
treatment) for 30 minutes, whereas initial assessments for shoe insert construction are an hour long.

Whats more, we can have access to an unlimited amount of information about your clinic. We can advise your callers on pricing, the services you provide, your
opening hours, even directions to your clinic!


A day in the life of a virtual receptionist

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Here at Best Reception there is much involved in the day to day life of a virtual receptionist. Although prompt answering of the phones is our main priority, we are also busy throughout the day with other admin work and various tasks to ensure the efficient management of the office.

In the mornings, we have a meeting, which involves briefing the team on new clients that have joined us and existing client changes. This is vital as it ensures that all of the virtual receptionists are aware of any changes, and also provides the opportunity to answer any questions or queries.

We also go through our online diary system so we are up to date with client movements throughout the day. We use a free system which allows clients to share their diaries with us, allowing us to keep their callers up to date with their availability.  We check these every hour throughout the day so if anything in their day changes we are aware.

We also listen to any voicemails which may have come in for clients in the morning and either action the caller’s requirements (i.e. we can call the person back and even book them in for an appointment) or we can send the details over to our clients.

During the day we carry out line tests so we know all diverts are working, sms tests to ensure our clients are receiving text alerts, and email checks to make sure all emails are promptly being delivered. This way we know our clients will never miss a call or a message.

We also prepare and carry out presentations everyday. Each day we take it in turns to present a company to the rest of the receptionists. We find this very effective in ensuring that all receptionists are confident with their company knowledge and know how to correctly handle calls to the best of our ability.

We also are constantly updating our scripts so we know that all contacts and information we have on there is correct, ensuring that we never give callers the wrong information. We will regularly email our clients with their script information making sure our system is up to date. Furthermore, we will also action client changes that come in on a daily basis, from new starters, new offices, right through to changes to call handling processes.

There is a lot more to Best Reception than answering your calls in a friendly and professional way. We all work as a team to ensure that all the day to day measures required to successful be the best telephone answering service for our clients, are adhered to.

Client Feedback

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“We would also like to thank you for giving us such good service over the last few years. It made running our business very much easier knowing that there was always someone very efficient to pick up our calls when we were not here! Please thank the girls from us for all their help”


Keep up the good work girls! 🙂

Diary Managment

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Using a diary in the everyday running of your company can be a vital way of keeping your clients informed of your availability and scheduling in meetings/ appointments.

 At Best Reception we offer you your very ownFREEonline diary to use. Not only does this make your life easier as you can schedule in jobs and meetings but you can also share your diary with us. By blocking out periods in the diary and marking them as unavailable/ in a meeting or what ever it is that you may be doing we will be able to advise your callers of your movements, thus helping to create the illusion of an in house receptionist.

 You can update your diary whenever you like as we will check it regularly throughout the day so even last minute meetings you may get called in to we be picked up on and we can inform your callers.

Telephone Answering for Letting Agencies.

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Here at Best Reception, we have many clients that deal in the property sector, one of these sectors are letting agencies.

By using an outsourced reception we help ensure that calls never go unanswered. Letting agencies find our service particularly useful when the team are occupied with viewings. Whereas normally during this time they may not be able to take calls we can insure that no calls are missed thus generating more potential business for you.

Not only can we take messages but we can provide you with all the functions of an in house receptionist. For example we can book potential tenants in for viewings, give our relevant information on the properties that are available and even register people with you by gathering all sorts of information including what type of property they are after and how much they are looking to pay per month.

So rather than employing a traditional in house receptionist why not use our out sourced reception and receive all of this for a fraction of the cost!!

Telephone Answering for PR Companies

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All of our
clients find our service extremely beneficial to the running of their day to
day business. Within our clientele we answer calls for a company within the
marketing industry. They use us as a message taking service, within this
service we screen out cold calls. They find this a great way to improve their
time management. Here at best reception we understand how stressful running a
business can be and calls can be very time consuming which isn’t very
satisfying when the call is irrelevant to your company.

The marketing industry is extremely competitive these
days as there are many freelancers and companies to compete with. This is why
it is vital to ensure all of your calls are answered, as many potential new
enquiries will keep “shopping around” if they do not get through to you
straight away. Many callers will also be put off by a voicemail message or a
busy tone, and this is where your virtual receptionist comes in as we guarantee
to answer all calls in a profession and friendly manner.

Furthermore we offer you the choice of a shared online
diary. This means your company will be able to use a diary which we are able to
view. All of our clients find this extremely helpful as we can advise callers
on your day to day activities, informing them when they are likely to receive a
call back. This is a great help to both you and your callers as they will not
be waiting around for a call back and will not feel as though they should keep
calling in order to speak to someone.

Telephone answering service to book call outs

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Using a telephone answering service to book and organise call outs is a very popular service with many of our clients. They find that when they are on the road attending to a call out, it is not feasible to take other calls and book in clients themselves. It is also not cost effective to hire a full time in house receptionist to do this for them whilst they are occupied. Therefore, by using outsourced reception service, we can ensure that all of their existing clients are catered to quickly and efficiently, that no potential new clients are missed, and that this is an extremely cost effective service for their businesses!

Our free online diary system, which is easily accessible by our receptionists and yourselves, allows us too quickly and efficiently book in your call outs.  The diary can also contain your daily movements, so you can indicate times that you are available and would like jobs booked in. With many of our clients, who provide a call out service, we add addresses and post codes to the diary, and even brief directions on how to get to the caller. They also find that it is easy to access their diary at any point during the day and update it as and when they need to.

If a customer is calling with an urgent problem and they would like an appointment as soon as possible, having a reception service is a great asset. If they have an urgent matter and would like it resolved urgently, hearing a voice mail or not being able to speak to someone straight away may make them their business elsewhere.

Furthermore, our sophisticated call handling software allows us to have easy access to an unlimited amount of informationn about your company, so we can advise callers on what you do and do not repair, prices you charge for call outs and even areas that you cover.