Why Best Reception?

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When searching for a reception service for your company, you want something you know that you can rely on and something that satisfy your reception needs, Here at Best Reception we go out of our way to make sure that we can do everything we possibly can to make your company give off the best first impression possible.

We start by answering your company’s calls in your name with your preferred greeting. We can then direct the call however you wish, we can take messages or put the calls straight through to you, even screen the calls for you if they are unwanted or sales calls depending on what is going on in your day – we completely work it around your schedule and will happily change it on a day to day basis.

Best reception not only answer calls but if need be we are happy to help you out with any admin tasks that you may need doing for your company.

So to start you free 2 week trial today give us a call on 01992 531000

All Kind of Bespoke Services

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One of the most important services offered by any reputable telephone answering company other thananswering the phone will be their bespoke services. Here at Best Reception weare extremely flexible, no task is too big or too small for us to undertake or complete.  This can be anything that yourcompany may require from

 Sorting out your post
Taking messages
Taking bookings
Diary management
Placing orders for you
Admin Work
Drafting CV’s
Forwarding Fax’s
Rearrange Appointments
Call backs


Offering a variety of services that will suit any company big or small is an asset that we pride ourselves on; as we want to do the best we can for your company. It makes us different from everyone else. By having two small teams we are able to deal with any kind of service quickly and efficiently as soon as they come in. No
matter how big or small the task it is we always do our utmost to take it on.

What are the advantages in using a telephone answering service for my company?

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Every business, no matter what size they are or sector they work in, have one very crucial aspect in common. The telephone is generally the first point of contact for any potential customer or client, so creating a perfect first impression, for any business, is essential.  What’smore, the businesses telephone line is vital in maintaining a high level of customer service with existing clients. Dealing with customer queries and even complaints quickly and efficiently is key in running a successful business. It is for these reasons, and many more, that telephone answering services are becoming a vital addition to many businesses of all varieties
It is worth noting here also, that if you have never dealt with a telephone answering service before, there are a few myths that need to be dispelled. The image often conjured up when thinking of a telephone answering service is one of a non UK based centre, filled with thousands of operators, but this is simply not the case. Best reception for example is a small company, with all receptionists based in a local office in Hertford. We pride ourselves on offering a professional, friendly and bespoke service suited to your company.

Creating a professional impression for your company

Outsourcing your reception will do exactly this. Your calls will be answered in a professional manner and will instantly give callers a great first impression of your company. By having a human operator at the end of the phone, instead of a call waiting message, busy tone or even constant ringing, will speak volumes for the professionalism of your company.

Keeping up a high standards of customer service

For any business to succeed, it is essential to maintain a good rapport with existing clients, and a telephone answering service can help you do exactly this. By keeping the line of communication flowing smoothly when day to day schedules take youaway from the phone, your receptionists will manage caller’s expectations. Whether your receptionists inform callers of your movements, or deals with customer requirements directly, your callers will be reassured that their requirements are being dealt with.

Excellent cost cutting measure for all types of  businesses

Outsourcing itself is an excellent cost cutting measure. For all businesses, outsourcing your receptionist requirements will always be more cost
effective than hiring in house staff, especially if you need a greater number of staff to manage a high volume of calls. However, outsourcing does not mean that you sacrifice quality. It is so seamlessly done that caller’s will have no idea they are not dealing with staff directly based in your office!

Providing more than just a telephone answering service

Any reputable telephone answering service nowadays will offer much more than just telephone answering. They will aim to become an extension of your company by providing any bespoke service you may need, from order taking, dealing with customer questions queries, to booking in your clients and managing your diary! These are only a few examples of what can be done for you; telephone answering services aim to provide you with so much more than an operator to answer your calls. If you wish, they will provide you with a receptionist team who will aim to complete any task you require.

Great client feedback!

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“Cant imagine how you all do what you do…. I think you all are amazing…

And I have had some great comments from people who were surprised you weren’t here when they arrived!”  –  Some fantastic feedback from a Beauty Salon in Surrey

My first day as a Virtual Receptionist

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I wasn’t sure what to expect as my first day at my new job as a Virtual Receptionist, I had worked in a very slightly similar environment before so a part of me imagined it would just be a matter of getting used to new clients, this was not the case, I have found that being a Virtual Receptionist is not as straight forward as being a front of house Receptionist and at times can be much more challenging..

I started my first day with a meeting with my new manager; we discussed the job role again then we spoke about what I would be doing over the following days and how he planned for me to progress over the next couple of days.

Firstly I was shown the system that is used for telephone answering, when I first saw it I thought it all looked very daunting as I had never seen anything like it before, there were lots of boxes, lists and writing everywhere, it all looked very complicated but I was assured I would get the hang of it, looking at how confident the other girls were on the system also made me feel more comfortable with giving it a go!

I did a few practice calls with Andy to try and get the hang of the system without the pressure of someone else on the other end of the line! This was good for practice and got me used to clicking the right buttons at the right time.

After a few practices I spent the rest of the afternoon shadowing one of the other Virtual Receptionists this involved using a system where I could listen in on her calls and hear how the clients and the receptionists interact with each other, I was also answering the calls but had the support of someone else being there and being able to hear what was being said so I felt more confident that less could go wrong.

The calls are divided into three groups depending on how hard they are; green orange and red (Green being the easiest and red being the hardest)

For the rest of the week I was sitting with the girls one at a time to take and listen to calls, I think this was the best way I could have been trained to take the calls because I got to listen to how each of the girls spoke with the different clients and how the different clients spoke to us and how they expected we spoke to the clients.

On the Friday of that week I sat on my own and took the call by myself but I had the security that if I felt unsure on how to answer a call or what to say to the clients, that everyone else in the office would be able to help.

Now at the end of my second week here at best reception I am working independently on my desk but knowing if I ever need any help I have everyone around me

I am really looking forward to my time ahead at best reception as I progress and move forward!

Using an Outsourced Reception to take orders

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Running your own business can require a lot of time and hard work, and finding the time to answer all of your incoming calls may be a struggle. You may think that missing the odd call will not affect your business, but in the current economic struggle can you really afford to miss out on new business enquiries?

Fast and efficient call answering is especially important if your company incorporates order taking –A vast majority of people still prefer to place orders over the telephone but if you don’t have sufficient support in your office then you could be at risk of losing orders and potential customers. By outsourcing your calls to Best Reception, your very own team of Virtual Receptionists can answer your calls in your company’s name, in a greeting that suits you.

Our order taking service helps to ensure that your customer’s calls are answered professionally, and dealt with in a way that suits your business. Your receptionists, however, are not just limited to answering your calls- They can advise your callers on your products, track and process orders for your business when you can’t and, most importantly, maintain a constant point of contact for your clients.

So if you’re looking for a cost efficient and professional order taking service (plus much more!) then call Best Reception now on 01992 531000 to arrange your 2 week free trial.

Outsourcing your way through the economic crisis

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During these times of economic crisis, it is crucial for any business owner to implementmeasures to help ensure the stability and growth of their business. Headlines have recently been dominated with businesses reporting falls in profit margins;the royal bank of Scotland, Tescos and Argos are just a few examples of big high street chains that have recently reported expected job cuts or falls in UK sales. Now more than ever, it is vital to come up with a plan to ensure your business beats the economic crisis!

So how can outsourcing help?

Outsourcing of staff is an excellent cost cutting measure. Many businesses outsource phone operators to ensure that they are not employing staff that are surplus to requirement. Businesses who experience lower call volumes find that using an outsourced reception to answer these saves them valuable money. Outsourcing calls also provides valuable cost cutting measures for businesses with highcall volumes. Employing an inhouse team of staff to manage a high incoming call volume is an expense that many businesses cannot or would rather not pay. An outsourced reception can provide an extremely effective switchboard facility to manage any call volume required, and this service works incredibly well for companies of all sizes. The appeal of this service lies in one simple fact, an outsourced reception helps ensure that all of your calls are answered.

Why is this so important?

The importance of prompt and friendly call answering should be emphasised here. Every call made to your business could be potential new business, and on the other end of the phone is a potential customer or client forming their first impression of your company. Many potential new customers or clients will take their business elsewhere if greeted by a voicemail, engaged tone or if there call goes unanswered. Is this business that you can afford to lose? Your incoming calls can also be crucial in maintaining a good rapport with your existing clients; making sure their calls are efficiently dealt with is essential in keeping your existing customers. An economy in crisis creates an boom of competition, and the last thing that any business needs is existing customers or clients looking to your competitors for better customer service!

More than just call answering

Outsourced receptions these days have become just that, and not merely a call answering service. Yes they can answer your calls, but this is just one dimension of the service that they offer. Most outsourced services aim to provide you with the service that any in house staff member could bring to a company, from administration work to booking and managing appointments, taking orders and answering any questions callers may have. In other words, the outsourced reception can become an extension of your company.

Is the result of outsourcing sacrificing quality?

The simple answer to this question is no. The common perception of a call answering service, based in a foreign country, with
hundreds of different operators does not have to be the case. For example, at Best Reception, we are a small UK based company, and we pride ourselves on offering a bespoke service to each and every one of our clients. With a small team of receptionists, we aim to offer a service to the highest of  standards and we are so confident of this, we offer a 2 week free trial to demonstrate how we deliver this and how we can benefit your company.

Fantastic client feedback

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One of our clients, who was using our service for holiday cover for his podiatry clinic in Gloucestershire, came back to us with some fantastic feedback. He commented that he really “appreciated the speed with which you were able to respond to my urgent plea for help, just hours before my departure. I greatly appreciated your email updates on activity, and the diary that you set up.  All of my patients, on questioning, were under the impression that they were talking to someone here in my clinic, and had no idea that they were dealing with your service. I will happily use your services again, should the need arise, and will have no hesitation in recommending you to others”


Well done to all 🙂


Call answering for short term loan providers

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Due to the current economic climate short time loan providers have become increasingly popular. As an industry, short term loan providers have experienced a sharp rise in demand, which is why our telephone answering service can help you cope with this demand.  Best Reception can provide you with a seamless answering service, which has helped many short term loan providers successfully manage their influx of new business. We achieve this by providing you with a tailor-made service to suit your every need and by supplying you with a team of polite and friendly receptionists.

Regardless to whether your call intake is high or low Best Reception aim to ensure every call is answered and dealt with efficiently. If you have a large call volume you would have employ multiple in-house receptionists to avoid calls going unanswered which would be extremely costly! On the other hand if you only receive a small amount of calls it is not very cost effective to employ an in-house receptionist. In both cases leaving a call to go unanswered is incredibly off-putting and is not the impression you should be giving to new and existing customers due to the rise in competition.

Callers wanting a short term loan are not very likely to leave an answer phone message and await a response. We understand the urgency of the calls and can obtain bespoke information from the caller before putting a call through to you or taken a message if you prefer.  This helps you to deal with the enquiry as quickly as possible leaving your callers happy and helping to improve your time management which when running a business is extremely important.