Telephone Answering for Freelance Dietitians

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What happens to your callers when you are with clients? Are your potential new clients greeted with a voicemail, or can their calls go unanswered? How much new business are you losing because your caller doesn’t want to leave a message on an automated system?
Freelance Dietitians have chosen Best Reception as the perfect solution to eliminate this problem, by having their own virtual receptionist book and manage their appointments.  One of our Registered Dietitians fedback to us:
“I was building up my private practice whilst continuing to work in the NHS.  Knowing my Best Receptionists were there to answer calls and book clients in for me gave me the peace of mind I needed and the confidence that I could build up my private work in my own time.  You came to my rescue many a time whilst I was trying to juggle being a mum with freelance working.  I now know that you will answer my calls professionally on my behalf, and I can then call people back at a time convenient to me.  I shall recommend you to any practitioner working privately – the flexibility and professionalism you provide, along with knowing that I don’t have to try and speak to clients whilst picking up my children from school has been worth every penny!  I genuinely couldn’t have built up my business without you.”
Best Reception provides an answering service for private practices throughout the UK, ranging from sole practitioners, right through to larger clinics, some with multiple locations. We offer each of our clients a tailor-made service to suit the requirements of their business, whether it be a fully functioning booking service or simply a message taking service for when they are unavailable or with clients.
For dietetic practices of all shapes and sizes, our booking service can provide you with a full time receptionist to book and manage your appointments. Whether you would like us to use a current system you have in place, or set up an online diary, your clients will be delighted that their enquiries are dealt with quickly and efficiently.
What’s more, here at Best Reception, we will take the time to become more than just an answering service; we will become an extension of your clinic! We can answer your callers’ questions, ranging from pricing, directions, right though to what a dietetic consultation involves; and we’ll screen out those annoying sales calls for free!

Work Experience at Best Reception

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I have just completed a week’s work experience at Best Reception, and I can honestly say that I have loved every minute!  The team have been so supportive and helpful and really helped me make the most of my experience.  The Best Reception office is a fun environment to work in and I really appreciate all the time that my “colleagues” have given me.

During my time at Best Reception, I have completed lots of little jobs, from filing, to shredding, to writing this blog article; and hopefully have left my own small imprint on Best Reception!  I was amazed at the variety of calls the receptionists take – from straight-forward message taking, to booking appointments for health practitioners, to taking orders for complex equipment over the phone.  Each call was handled so professionally, the receptionists sounded so knowledgeable about their clients, and took such pride in providing a good service for each and every caller.


I would highly recommend Best Reception not just as a work experience placement, but also for any new clients – every single employee works so hard, the professionalism and dedication that goes into everything is inspiring.  If I ever work in an office even half as good as the Best Reception office I would never leave! This has been the best placement I could have asked for, I am so grateful for this experience and have met some fantastic, dedicated people.


Great feedback from a newer client of ours

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“You’re all doing brilliantly with the calls, and we’re getting some great feedback.  We really appreciate all you’ve done.  We’ve used a few call handling companies, and believe me, there are few that compare.”      –      Professional Will Writing Company, Manchester

More great feedback!

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Today a client of ours emailed in to let us know – ‘My customer was very complimentary about the way the phone was answered and commented on the happy disposition of the girl who took the call. Thank you!’

Fantastic feedback, way to go pink team!

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“Out of 83 people I have surveyed in the past 6 weeks, 91% of people said they thought that the reservations  team were either good or excellent at handling the call.

This is simply for the way your girls handled the call, I also asked the ease of actually making the appointment – which isn’t down to you, so I think it’s fair to say you’re providing an excellent service.

I’m very pleased with that!”                                             – London Based Laser Clinic

Call Answering for different types of business

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Here at Best Reception we have a vast amount of experience dealing with a wide variety of businesses, from osteopaths,  and restaurants,   through to accountants, private hospitals and clinics.

No matter what type of business you run, we can tailormake our service to your company’s requests. We can take bookings for you, take messages or we can simply put your clients calls through to you. You can have a telephone number of your choosing or we can simply use your current number landline or mobile.

We make all scripts to your specific requirements – an unlimited amount of information can be held about your company: for example opening hours, directions, prices and any other information you may like us to have. We have an online booking service where we book appointments or you can use this just for your daily updates. If you are going into a meeting for a couple of hours and would like us to inform your clients, add this to your diary and we will automatically add it to your script.

This is a service that a lot of our clients find extremely useful –  callers expectations can be managed, and having this information helps with the illusion that we are based in your office!

Client Feedback

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We have recently recieved this great feedback!

”To “The Team”

I would just like to say a big thank you to you all for:

1. Trying so hard to learn a new product
2.  being so polite to all my customers
3. making me feel confident that my company is being cared for
4. Passing on questions in such a clear fashion
5. Making the effort to call people back
6. Reducing the number of calls I need to make
7. Helping to improve the information on the website

And last but not least…

For making me a happy bunny!”

Working for your clinic

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Running your clinic, whether you are a sole practitioner or the manager of a larger clinic, can be very demanding. You may find that your phone calls get missed when you are in appointments, or otherwise engaged, and hiring in house staff is not a cost-effective solution to this problem. You may not realise just how much an outsourced reception can actually do for you, so here is an idea of how using Best Reception would benefit your clinic.

Your team of receptionists can book and manage appointments for you. Whether you would like to use our free online diary system, or have us use your current system, this can be done so seamlessly for you that callers will not know we are based at a different location. Your callers will always be able to speak to a professional and friendly receptionist, who can promptly book, rearrange or cancel their appointments.

Managing your appointments in this way is just one of the many services that your outsourced reception can provide you with, to help save you valuable time. We can also answer any questions or queries that your callers may have- from prices of appointments, directions to your clinic, right through to what to expect in their appointments. These calls which can usually monopolise a lot of your time can be quickly and efficiently dealt with by your receptionists!

Your receptionists can also carry out any admin tasks that an in-house receptionist would do for you. For example, you may wish for your callers to leave a deposit to secure their appointment, or to even pay for their appointments in advance, your receptionist can process these payments for you. We can also remind your clients of upcoming appointments, by email or by phone, or even call your clients who are due to be booked in for appointments if you so wish!

What’s more, your receptionists can be extremely helpful in those urgent circumstances that are sometimes unavoidable. You may be in a situation where you need to quickly cancel an appointment, or even close your clinic for the day on very short notice! All you would need to do is inform your receptionist team, through a quick phone call or email, and we would be able to quickly and efficiently cancel or reschedule any appointments for you, leaving you time to deal with what ever situation requires your urgent attention.

Helping you as a Sole Trader

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Helping you as a Sole Trader

If you are a sole trader it is sometimes hard to manage everything on your own when it all comes at you all at once. Juggling multiple calls and trying to sort everything out without missing anything can become over whelming.  By having a telephone answering service we can help you out day to day and make your business life easier.  Here at Best Reception we will be able to anumber of different things for you that will help you as a sole trader.


We can answer all of your calls or as many as you would like us to
We can screen out all of the sales calls that take up your valuable time
You will never miss a call or business opportunity
Messages / calls will go straight to you do so you can deal with them as and when you want to.
You can deal with things at your own pace
We can make the business seem bigger
We can let callers know your whereabouts and when they are likely to expect a call back or a response.
Callers will not go to a voice mail, they will always speak to a person


By having a telephone answering service everything in your day will run a lot smoother and your day will become less stressed as your calls will be taken by us which will leave you more time to focus on each enquiry without the added pressure of having to answer all of the calls and sort everything out at the same time. We can make the business look busier than it is and no one will know that you are a sole
trader working alone. We will be able to help you in more ways than one and you
will hopefully find that it was the best decision you ever made.

Excellent feedback from a holiday cover client!

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‘I have to thank you and your staff  for a splendid job well done. I really appreciated the speed with which you were able to respond for my urgent plea for help, just hours before my departure. I greatly appreciated your email updates on activity, and the diary you set up. All of my patients, on questioning, were under the impression that they were talking to someone here in my clinic, and had no idea that they were dealing with your service. I will happily use your services again, should the need arise, and will have no hesitation in recommending you to others.’ – Physiotherapist in Reading