Telephone answering service to book call outs

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Using a telephone answering service to book and organise call outs is a very popular service with many of our clients. They find that when they are on the road attending to a call out, it is not feasible to take other calls and book in clients themselves. It is also not cost effective to hire a full time in house receptionist to do this for them whilst they are occupied. Therefore, by using outsourced reception service, we can ensure that all of their existing clients are catered to quickly and efficiently, that no potential new clients are missed, and that this is an extremely cost effective service for their businesses!

Our free online diary system, which is easily accessible by our receptionists and yourselves, allows us too quickly and efficiently book in your call outs.  The diary can also contain your daily movements, so you can indicate times that you are available and would like jobs booked in. With many of our clients, who provide a call out service, we add addresses and post codes to the diary, and even brief directions on how to get to the caller. They also find that it is easy to access their diary at any point during the day and update it as and when they need to.

If a customer is calling with an urgent problem and they would like an appointment as soon as possible, having a reception service is a great asset. If they have an urgent matter and would like it resolved urgently, hearing a voice mail or not being able to speak to someone straight away may make them their business elsewhere.

Furthermore, our sophisticated call handling software allows us to have easy access to an unlimited amount of informationn about your company, so we can advise callers on what you do and do not repair, prices you charge for call outs and even areas that you cover.

Telephone Answering for Health Centres

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Within our large clientele at Best Reception we handle calls for a health centre, whilst the practitioners are busy with clients. This client utilises our services by having us take their bookings for new and existing clients for a variety of different treatments including osteopathy, chiropody, podiatry, acupuncture and homeopathic medicine, so they don’t have too. If you are a practitioner you will understand how important it is not to be disturbed during a treatment as it is extremely unprofessional. So by outsourcing your reception you will not have to worry about this or leave calls to an unappealing answer phone.

At the health centre there are also many other practitioners in which we do not book for, for these we take all of the callers information so the practitioner can call back when they are available with full knowledge of what the caller would like to book for. By using an online diary we can also advise the caller on when they are likely to receive a call back. This will keep your callers happy as they will not be waiting around for a call and will not feel the need to keep calling in to check if the practitioner has become free.

Furthermore we are able to answer customer queries such as prices, and briefly outline what treatments are available.  We can give out as much or as little
information on the treatments provided as you wish to minimise your workload as we understand how hectic the day to day running of a clinic can be.

We also have the ability to direct callers into your practice. By giving us accurate directions if any caller is lost or unsure how to get to you we can stop you from taking very time consuming calls. Not only will this save the practitioners a great amount of time but will also benefit the caller as they are clearly guided to your health centre.

Over all by using a virtual reception you will not only improve the day to day running of your practise but you will also be perceived as a more professional organisation to the public.

Telephone answering for mechanics

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Here at Best reception, we have a large clientele in various
industrial sectors, and many of them need a bespoke service from us to meet the
needs of their business. An example of this is one of our clients, who are a
car mileage correction service based in Hertfordshire.

For this client it is very important for us to have a
thorough knowledge of the services they provide to accurately deal with their
new clients. With this client, in particular we can inform their callers that
they deal with mileage correction, in car TV unlocking, vehicle diagnostics
fault finding, service light resetting, key/Immobiliser resetting and digital
dashboard repairs.

For potential new enquiries, we arrange and book them in for
the service they require. We not only have access to pricing information, but
also to a free online diary to book callers in. Many callers will ask for a
price, which we can advise by taking the details of the car. We ask the callers
for the car make and model, as well as where they are based, to give them
accurate pricing. If they then wish to book in, we can access a booking diary
which allows us to see the movements of all the engineers, and we can book them
in accordingly.

My First Week

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After my first week working as a virtual receptionist, I have started to find my footing and have become more and more confident in my role. I have undergone further training by learning some of our clients with more difficult call handling. For example, I have been learning how we book appointments for one of our clients, who are an osteopathic clinics based in Leytonstone. Using a free online diary system, we book in his existing patients for half an hour and his new clients for an hour. In addition to this, I have learnt various details of his clinic so I can accurately help his callers. For example, I can now advise them on prices of appointments, directions to the clinic and clinic opening hours.

            Now I am getting to grips with the basics, I have begun to perform more day to day tasks. These tasks involve checking the diaries for daily movements of our clients and updating the scripts to ensure these movements are acknowledged. To help me organise my day to day tasks, I have my own weekplan. On my week plan there are jobs that I need do and things that I need to remember. In addition to these tasks, I have regular reviews with my team leader and office manager, which are very useful as I can discuss how I feel I am progressing and any questions I may have.

            All in all I feel I am learning more and more everyday and keen to see what the next few weeks will entail.

Answering Your Calls – Keeping your script up to date

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To give the illusion that we are a Front of house receptionist working solely for your company, we give you the opportunity to access a free online diary. Here you can add your daily activities for example meetings, phone calls or even lunch dates! All you need to do is block out the time that you will be unavailable on the diary and the reason why. We then add this to your script. This means that when a caller asks for you we can give them an accurate answer about your whereabouts, and can give them a time that you will be available. Your diary will be checked every half an hour so any movements that you update at the last moment will be put straight on to your script! However if the diary is not for you, you can simply call in or drop us a quick email to let us know your whereabouts and we will update your script so we can let callers know.

However saying this we do not ask for you to provide us with your daily movements if you do not want to, sometimes our clients would rather stick to our normal call handling instructions for example to always say “out of the office” or “on the other line” to callers.

To an extent we rely on you to keep us up to date with any company changes so we can make sure that your scripts is correct. This might be any new starters at the company or any new promotions we should be aware of.  All you need to do is drop us a quick email with the relevant information, for example if it is a new starter you would like to add you can simply email us with their name, position, email and if required phone number. This will be set up immediately and will be active within roughly 15 minutes!

However we do as much as we can our end to keep your script up to date. For instance if anyone asks to speak to someone we do not have on our system we will contact you and ask you if you would like us to add them. Likewise if callers enquire about a service that we are not familiar with we will contact you for some more information so we can handle all enquiries to the best of our ability. Not only this but we also try to contact you from time to time just simply to go through the script we have for you and ensure that it is all up to date and relevant.

Accessing Your Free Online Diary

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  Here at Best Reception we give you the option to access a free online diary to make sure we are up to date with all your daily movements. You can use this diary to update your movements, for example you can add meetings on there or times you will be out of the office. This helps us to appear more professional and accurate about the information we give out about you and your whereabouts.  If you decide to have your calls patched through to you but are in a meeting you can simply add to your diary that you are in a meeting and unable to take calls and we will advise your callers and take a message instead.  This also means that we can also advice them on a time they will be likely to have their call returned.

  Not only this but we can use the online diaries to book in appointments for you so you can spend more quality time with your clients without the interruption of a phone call half way through.

  It’s really simple to use your diary. We will provide you with all the log in details and instructions on how to share your diary with us and then your all up and running and you can start updating it whenever you like!

Telephone Answering Booking Service

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A number of our clients have found using our booking service, to book and manage their appointments, invaluable to the running of their business. At Best Reception, we can offer you a tailor-made service to suit the requirements of your business!

By using our booking service, you clients will form a great impression of your practice, as your calls will always be answered by a professional and friendly receptionist. Furthermore, you will never miss out on potential business.

Our online diary system allows us to access your appointments, enabling us to book in your clients, view and modify appointments. Whether you are a sole practitioner, or a larger practice with multiple practitioners and locations, our online diary system is easy to use and will effectively manage your bookings. Alternatively, we can also log into an existing system you may have in place.

Furthermore, you can also provide us with an unlimited amount of information about your clinic, allowing us to advice callers on common FAQ’s if you so wish. For example, we can advise your callers about prices, treatment information and even directions to your clinic!

Telephone Answering service to take bookings

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Using a telephone answering service to take bookings is something that can be extremely beneficial to your business. We have a wide range of clients, ranging from osteopathic clinics, cosmetic clinics and even alternative health clinics, that find a virtual booking service to work in the exactly the same way a full time receptionist would, for a fraction of the cost!

We can access your diary, whether it be through a remote desktop connection or an free online calendar, and manage your appointments. We can also use information provided, if you so wish, to advise callers on different treatment methods available. We can even obtain directions to your clinic, allowing us to make sure all your new clients know how to get to you. For many of our clients we also manage their appointment reminders, sending messages to clients or ringing them to remind them of future appointments.

This service works so well, that your clients would be none the wiser that we were not based at your clinic. They would expect to see us when they walk through the door!

Appointment Booking Service

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Our clients who work in private practice range from Osteopaths to Hypnotherapists to Solicitors. There are countless professions where it is not possible to interrupt a treatment, meeting or session to answer the phone. So what are the alternatives to a receptionist being employed at your place of work to answer the phone when you are unable to?

By using a virtual reception such as Best Reception, you can ensure that you don’t miss calls from new potential clients and what’s more, we can even book appointments for you, as part of the service.

Using an online diary system (either our system or your own) we can schedule appointments for you, cancel or move existing appointments, advise clients of appointment times, pricing and availability. Furthermore, if you provide additional information such as “how to find us”, “what to expect” or “how to prepare”, this can all be passed onto your customers as part of the service.

At a fraction of the cost of employing staff and without any of the employment woes, by working with a virtual reception such as ours, your callers will be completely unaware that we are external to your business. Your new client will be happy and assured that their appointment is booked and confirmed, thereby ensuring that your potential client doesn’t call the next number in the book…

And what’s more, with Best Reception you can try this for yourself completely free of charge.

Case study 7: Osteopathic booking service

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One of our clients we book in patients for are an Osteopathic Clinic based in Surrey. We are able to access their diary system via a remote desktop connection which allows us to book in their patients. Many of their patients call up to book, cancel or move appointments. When this occurs we access the system, add the relevant information and book them with the Osteopath of their choice. When new clients call in to book, we follow instructions provided and add all of their details onto the database. We then make sure they are aware of where the clinic is by giving them detailed directions.

We also carry out a lot of other activities on their system. For example, when patients want to speak to an Osteopath before they book in their appointment, we can raise a new telephone call within the system informing them that they need to call their patient as soon as available. If any patients are holding for particular dates or times, we place them on a holding list and then regularly check the list against any cancellations that may occur.