Client feedback

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One of our clients, who are a financial advisors based in St Albans, informed us that their clients have been asking about the “delightfully cherpy young girl that answers the phones”

Well done to all the receptionist for your continued hard work! 🙂

More Client Feedback

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We’ve received more brilliant feedback saying:
‘Just to say that I am really happy and impressed with the way things have run to date, it is taking a lot of the phone pressure off me, which is tremendous’

Keep up the great work girls!

Client Feedback

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We always love to hear great feedback from our clients

We have recently received feedback from a client saying:

‘Thank you for handling what must have been a difficult call in a very professional way’
Well done to all the girls, we always make sure we are handling every call in the best way possible.

Client Feedback

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“I have been away a lot lately and things without your messaging service would be very chaotic. It is an excellent service and it’s the personal touch that makes it work so well” – Photographer, London

Client Feedback

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We are always delighted when we receive fantastic feedback from our clients.

One of our clients emailed us with this feedback from a client of theirs:

 “The young lady that you have answering your phone sounds like she really loves her job.  She is always so cheerful and bubbly when she picks up. It can’t help but brighten your day talking to someone so happy”

Well done to all of our Virtual Receptionists! 🙂

Call freephone numbers for free from your mobile?

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Every day we receive calls from our clients regarding the pros and cons of varying types of phone number for their business.  Time and again, an issue that keeps coming up is that if they opt for a “customer-friendly” 0800 or other freephone number, these are still charged by mobile phone operators at rates of up to a whopping 40p per minute.

As we tend to use our mobiles more than landlines this can be at best frustrating and at worst, massively expensive.  We’ve received a brilliant email this week from one of our suppliers which provides an excellent solution – we’ve tested it and it works!

 Simply by dialling their number, 01600 700 800 and entering the 0800 number you wish to dial, followed by #, you’ll be connected to your freephone number and the minutes used will be included in your mobile package.

We think this is a great idea and here’s the link for more info

Can you afford NOT to use an answering service?

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In this current economic climate, many businesses have had to address a very important issue concerning the loss of business! Can your business afford to risk losing new customers or clients?
 Here at Best Reception, we understand that a missed call could potentially be lost business for you, and having a telephone answering service can ensure that you never miss out on potential new business again!
 When calling any company, many callers will be put off by an answering machine, busy tone or a call waiting message, and hang up the phone. However, using Best Reception’s telephone answering service will provide you with your own friendly and professional virtual receptionist, who will not only ensure that all your calls are answered, but make sure that every callers first impression of your company is a good impression!
 With this in mind, can your business afford to miss out on potential business, when Best Reception can provide your company with a perfect, cost effective solution!

Client feedback..

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Well done again to all of the virtual receptionists for some more great feedback received today!

One of our clients, who are an IT Solutions company,  have fed back to us that a number of their clients have commented on how “friendly and polite” their receptionist is.

Well done all! 🙂

Client visit

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We had one of our  clients, who runs an IT support service in the South-West of England, come in to visit the office yesterday.

He commented that it was a nice insight into how our telephone answering system works.

He also commented that his clients love his receptionists, saying that he could not think of “anything to criticize”

Well done to all of the virtual receptionists for their hard work! 🙂