Case Study 10: Using information provided to be more than a telephone answering service.

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Also with another company of ours, who are a childrens bike accessory distributor, we use information provided to answer lots of queries. This is a valuable service to a lot of our clients as it means they can spend more time running their business while we answer the frequently asked questions. For example, with this client, we answer questions concerning delivery times. We can tell callers that delivery will take 2 working days if ordered by a courier before 2pm, and we can also tell them what courier service is used. We can also answer questions people have about the products themselves. For example, we have been given information about the differences between the products, the dimensions and what age range the products are made for. We also have information on the returns policy, informing callers that items can be returned if the original order details are kept. Also we can deal with urgent queries as well, prioritizing these problems above the rest so they are dealt with as soon as possible. Having all of this information makes the callers feel like they are talking to somebody within the company.

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