Case Study – Nursing Homes

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One of our clients, who run a nursing home is Sussex, use our telephone answering service to handle a large volume of calls whilst they are busy with the day to day running of the home. They found that between looking after the residents, keeping up with paperwork and organising staff rotas, they were not always able to answer their phones. It is vital for the successful running of their business that all calls are answered, not only because family members need to always be in contact with the home, but also to help the growth of their business by having potential new enquiries dealt with professionally and efficiently.

One of the ways in which we save them valuable time is by accurately prioritising their calls. As this nursing home does experience a large volume of calls, this is a vital aspect of their service, so they can efficiently deal with more pressing matters. For example, family members calling the home with information about a resident is prioritised over any other matters. Also, any calls from healthcare professionals organising appointments for the residents are also urgently dealt with. As part of this service, any unwanted sales calls are also screened out, and any calls not directly about the residence of the nursing home are not put through, they are prioritised behind urgent matters.

Furthermore, we also send them a log of all calls put through to the home, as sometimes their day can become very hectic, and they may forget speaking to someone, so this way they have a record of all their callers!

Also, with this client, as calls may be of a sensitive nature, it is vital that all calls are handled in a professional way, always making sure all callers feel at ease and comfortable when engaging in conversation. This is something that all of our receptionists are extremely good at, not only assessing the urgency of the situation but showing empathy towards all callers. We understand that answering your calls means that we are representing your business, which is why we always strive to create a fantastic lasting impression on all of your callers!

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