Case Study – Call Answering for Photographers

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Here at Best Reception, amongst our diverse range of clientele we have photographers. They find it very beneficial to use our call answering service as they may be unable to answer the phone whilst on photo shoots or while they are with clients. If you yourself are a photographer and are struggling to juggle current clients, new clients and answering the phone, why not save yourself the time by using a virtual receptionist to answer your calls for you.

Being able to divert your phones lines over to us easily means you can switch them to us whenever you want, giving you the full confidence to turn your phone off and know all of your calls are being handled in a professional and friendly manor and you will not be disturbed whilst with clients.

You can receive your messages by email, SMS or even have us to call you with the clients on the phone, so you can have the option whether to speak to them or not. We can obtain any information you will need to call them back, such as their name, number and their company name if it’s applicable. We can also gain extra information that you may find useful, such as the date of the event or wedding they would like you to take photos for, or anything else you may need.

Provide us with prices or any other information which may be relevant to your company and we can answer as many questions as we can for your callers if they ask. This will save you a great amount of time and is much cheaper than hiring a front of house receptionist to answer your calls, which also creates a problem when two calls are ringing in at the same time.

Save yourself time and money by using Best Receptions call answering service for a friendly first point of contact for your business.

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