Call handling for unwanted and important calls.

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Not only do Best Reception offer a brilliant service when it comes to handling your calls but we can also supply you with the facility to block any unwanted sales calls. These calls we can block could consist of electric and gas companies, recruitment or advertising companies. Alternatively we can also offer a service where you can give us an “ignore list” where you would request certain companies not to be put through to your line and we can advise them that you are not interested. Many of our clients find that our sales screening service saves them valuable time, by ensuring that they do not have to deal with unwanted cold calls.
As well as an ignore list, we also have a VIP list where you can give us a list of your callers that you do not want us to ask what the call is regarding and put them straight through to you. By implementing this system for your company we can act as if we know your VIP caller.
This service is completely free and optional. You may wish to have every call put through to yourself or every sales call blocked and screened. If one of the calls you wish us to block slip through the net, just pop us over an email and we can add them to your block list for future reference.

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