Call Answering for Car Showrooms

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Not only do they deal with car sales, but they also have another branch of their business that provides rentals. Many of their enquiries can be dealt with over the phone, and by using a virtual reception to handle these enquiries their salesmen have more time to do what they do best, cater to the in house customers!

For example, Best Reception can give out quotes for renting or purchasing cars, helping save you time and get the ball rolling for new enquiries much faster. Our system can have easy access to a vast amount of information, and for this client in particular this allows us to quote rental prices over the phone. We ask the callers what type of car they are looking to rent, and how long for. Depending on the make and engine size of what they require, we quote prices from 3 day rentals through to 2 week rentals.

Furthermore, we also answer many callers’ questions and queries. For example, we answer questions regarding insurance excess, mileage allowances, prices and payment methods, even directions into the show room. This client in particular has already found that this is saving him valuable time, allowing him and his salesmen to focus on other areas of running the business.

Make sure you’re saving time by using Best Receptions call answering service. Provide us with any needed information and when faced with questions from callers, we can deal with these accordingly, answering their queries, causing them to think they are speaking to someone from your very own company. Never let a call go to voicemail again due to a busy receptionist or a busy showroom, and have all calls answered quickly and dealt with in a professional yet friendly manner.

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