Call Answering for Beauticians

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Best Reception not only answers calls for office based industries, but also for smaller establishments such as beauticians. They find us very useful as a call answering service and as a booking service. Beauticians will use us when there are only a few members of staff working with them, this will avoid the phone ringing when they are with a client and will stop the beautician delaying treatments by attending to the phone. Best Reception can also be used as an overflow. The call will come through to us when you are on the other line or if you do not answer it in time, we will handle the call as you wish and send you an email with the information requested.
We understand that many beauticians will be in appointments throughout the day so the girls at Best Reception will act as your receptionist. We can log on to your diary used in your clinic and book appointments. All of the staff at Best Reception will be fully trained to book all types of appointments for you. We would ask you to send over any information about treatments so that we can answer any queries that may be asked. We can also offer a service so that if you are running late for an appointment, we can call the client on your behalf and reschedule them or make them aware of the delay.
We know that calls for beauticians can sometimes be of a sensitive nature, as some treatments can be very intimate. This is why we will always answer your calls with professionalism at all times. Furthermore, we will always aim to develop a good rapport with your regular clients, with their booking requirements being dealt with quickly and efficiently.
Using Best Reception can also help you to send out reminders to clients or even mail shots with promotions; this will save you time and money.
Best Reception will be here 8-7 Monday to Friday and 8.30-5.30 on a Saturday to answer your calls also offering you the option to use our voicemail service so we can call back any calls after these hours.

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