Call Answering for Accountants

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At Best Reception we have many clients who are accountants, whether they are small family run businesses, sole traders or large corporate businesses, we are here to handle their calls. For instance smaller family run businesses or sole traders may not have a need for a front house Receptionist, for example they may not have an office for clients to come to. Therefore by using our professional call answering service we help save them time by handling their calls for them. Not only this but we offer competitive rates so why pay for a receptionist when you can have your own team of virtual receptionists to handle your calls. For larger accountant companies we are here to handle any overspill calls when your receptionist is on the other line or away from her desk. Or if you prefer we can handle all of the calls and direct them to the correct person either by acting as your very own switchboard and putting them through or by emailing messages.

Whilst busy at work the annoying ring may distract you and having to answer the phone will divert you from what you are doing, wasting a great deal of your time. Get your work completed at a faster rate by having Best Reception send you over messages so you can speak to clients at your own pace. Also with our free sales screening we make sure any calls which may waste you time are eradicated.

If you would prefer we can even put the calls through to you, as we do for one of our accountants. They then know who is calling, and have the choice to speak to them or not. They can also turn their phone off altogether, avoiding any distractions, knowing their calls are still being handled in a polite friendly manner and that they will receive an email explaining who called and why with a contact number to reach them on.

However you would like your calls answered we will specifically tailor the handling to suit your needs, either way we will save you time and money, saving you from annoying distractions.

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