Breaking the Wall in the Marathon – I hope!

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I’ve been doing some research over the last week or so and was under the impression that with 4 weeks to go, I should’ve done my last BIG run… however it now appears that this should be this weekend and then it’s a case of tapering the runs down in preparation of the Marathon on 17 April.  This presents me with a dilemma; I seem to be still massively struggling at 20 miles but on the other hand I don’t want the current niggles (now the knee is playing up!) to become injuries!!  I’m guessing that I’m not alone in this!

There does seem to be a general consensus that the need for (high risk of injury) 20 mile plus runs is not an essential part of final training for a marathon however, as I’ve yet to run the full 26.2 miles ever, this does fill me with a fear of the unknown and the thought that it could all go terribly wrong as I hobble into the final 10k!

So here’s my plan and I’ll report back after the race on how it worked for me.  To avoid the risk of a race-stopping injury, I’m going to limit my runs to 2.5 hours max between now and race day and in the last fortnight reduce this even further.  I’m going to try to increase my speed on these shorter runs and also focus on increasing my general fitness and reduce weight by circuit training and also focussing on my diet (haven’t had a drop of alcohol for 2 weeks today!).

The idea behind my logic is that I arrive on race day without niggling injuries, at my physical peak (whatever that may be!) and also carbbed up to the eyeballs to help the stamina.  With a hearty breakfast, banana at the start-line, gel packs, Lucozade and water on the way round and the atmosphere of the day, hopefully the dreaded wall will become a hurdle rather than a total barrier!

Well, that’s the plan anyway… watch this space!

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