Best Receptions Trip To Alton Towers!

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Just as the weather was picking up we thought what a great idea it will be to get out of the office and spend some quality time together! At 6AM we started our 2 hour journey in the dreary rain- this was not the weather we were expecting, but this didn’t dampen out spirits, with the help of the Beach Boys and the James Bond soundtrack we were raring to go! We finally arrived in the park, only to find the weather had got worse, but once again we soldiered on and found some very stylish poncho’s to brighten up our day – we even got Andy a trendy blue one too! Team Best Reception were on a mission to tackle every ride in the park; this was not a problem as everyone else seemed to be scared off by the rain. The first ride we decided to go on was air, not great for Steph who has a phobia of theme park rides and heights! We were hoisted in to the air so we were facing down, looking over the park and other rides, amazing ride but over so quickly, we were all very proud of Steph for going on this one, but unfortunately this is where it ended for her and she decided to be our bag holder instead! We managed to make our way around the whole park going from Rita to Hex to the Charlie and the Chocolate ride – This one was just for Steph! As the day was drawing in, the sun had decided to come out aswell as the sunglasses, so the poncho’s went away, only to be used as a mat to sit on. This gave us another lease of energy to go on the rides again and finish our fun packed day with a nice gentle ride on the rapids- we needed the poncho’s on this one!

            At 6PM our day came to an end, much to Rosie’s disapproval, but we cheered her up by having one last go on the Monorail, this was not a ride but it made her smile! Fortunately for Andy he had a very peaceful journey home as we were all conked out in the back, so that meant no talking about nonsense and listning to very strange music with a group of girls! We finally arrived in Hertfordshire at 10PM after a few stop offs along the way and we were all ready for our bed. This lack of sleep did not stop out nattering though and we decided to come up with scores for each ride. So our verdicts are…..

Nemesis 9/10
Air 9/10
Oblivion 10/10
Rita 10/10
Ripsaw 6/10
Congo River Rapids 7/10
Duel 5/10 – Andy did not approve of this as the girls beat him!
Hex 5/10
Charlie and the Chocolate factory 10/10 – all ten points given by Steph as this was the only one she enjoyed!


We have all decided now that a work trip is needed every couple of weeks not only to keep our readers updated but to try new and exciting things!

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