Two Week Free Trial

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 Why not find out how using our telephone answering service could be a great asset to your company. Here atBest Receptionwe offer you a two week free trial without obligation. We believe that offering a free trial is a crucial part of being a reputable and successful telephone answering service, as we are keen to prove, at no cost to you, just how valuable we can be to your company!

To set your company up for a free trial, we like to make sure we have all the information we need to answer your calls to the highest of standards. This process will involve us setting up a script for you, containing information about what your company does, the staff you employ and how you would like us to answer your calls. We also understand that the concept of a telephone answering service is something that may be unfamiliar to you; therefore we will take the time to explain how it works, what we do and how it can benefit your company.

During your trial, we will handle your calls how ever you wish us to. We can transfer your calls to you directly, or take messages which are sent to youVIAemail and even SMS if you so wish. We can also set up an out of hour’s service for you for when your office is closed. You can have your calls answered 24/7 or have an out of hours voicemail set up.

If you decide to continue with our service, a two week free trial will give us insight into how many calls your business will handle in a month, and with this information we can then provide you with the most cost-effective call plan for your business!

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