Bespoke Services.

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One of the most important services offered by any reputable telephone answering company will be their bespoke services. Here at Best Reception, we believe that offering a wide range of services for any sized company is vital, as we always aim to tailor-make our service to fit the requirements of any business.  

    Our bespoke services range from anything that your company needs from sorting out your post, taking messages, taking bookings, diary management to even placing orders for you. Our bespoke messaging service allows us to obtain any information you need, whether you need to know callers email addresses, date of birth or even their medical history!

   No matter how big or small your company is, we realise that you may need much more than just an answering service! We offer the widest flexibility when it comes to admin services and will do our utmost to accommodate your every need and requirement. These additional services include; sending out emails for you, typing up documents and reports as well as proof reading.

    By having knowledge of the company and doing diary management the receptionist will feel like an extended member of the company as they will know all of your movements and will be able to give callers accurate information as soon as they are asked for it.

  Having bespoke services will be extremely cost effective as you will not be paying for a receptionist full time front of house which will cost more than our services.

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