Appointment Booking Service

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Our clients who work in private practice range from Osteopaths to Hypnotherapists to Solicitors. There are countless professions where it is not possible to interrupt a treatment, meeting or session to answer the phone. So what are the alternatives to a receptionist being employed at your place of work to answer the phone when you are unable to?

By using a virtual reception such as Best Reception, you can ensure that you don’t miss calls from new potential clients and what’s more, we can even book appointments for you, as part of the service.

Using an online diary system (either our system or your own) we can schedule appointments for you, cancel or move existing appointments, advise clients of appointment times, pricing and availability. Furthermore, if you provide additional information such as “how to find us”, “what to expect” or “how to prepare”, this can all be passed onto your customers as part of the service.

At a fraction of the cost of employing staff and without any of the employment woes, by working with a virtual reception such as ours, your callers will be completely unaware that we are external to your business. Your new client will be happy and assured that their appointment is booked and confirmed, thereby ensuring that your potential client doesn’t call the next number in the book…

And what’s more, with Best Reception you can try this for yourself completely free of charge.

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