Answering Service for Driving Instructor’s

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Whilst on the road with a client your phone may ring, however you are not able to pick this up due to instructing a learner driver. The call will go to answer phone, and not wanting to leave a message the caller may hang up, and phone the next driving instructor on their list that can assist them straight away. Alternatively, you can use Best Reception’s call answering service and divert your phone straight to us so whilst you are unable to answer the phone your caller will go through to a professional and friendly receptionist. Here they can obtain information such as prices, lesson lengths, types of cars used, what cars you teach in and we can book them in for a lesson with you, if you would like us to.

The second scenario is obviously the best scenario for your business, you would not want to loose a potential client, and especially not when it can be avoided with the simple use of outsourcing your calls to Best Reception’s business phone answering service. Due to you spending most of your business time on the road, when it is illegal to answer the phone, it is a clear benefit to use our telephone answering service.

If you would like to save even more of your precious time, we can book in your driving lessons for you. Simply share your diary with us and we can access your availability and other appointments, enabling us to book in driving lessons for you.

So why not make a business decision guaranteed to make your driving school run much smoother, and give Best Reception a call.

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