Animal care in the sun!

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Now that our much awaited summer is finally here, we can start embracing this weather by looking after ourselves as well as our pets! This is this the most exciting season for our furry little friends therefore we must make sure they enjoy every minute of it.

Below I have made a list of tips that can help us help our best friends enjoy the lovely weather!

Make sure your pet is hydrated at all times- keeping a bowl of water and food out at all times will ensure they will be energised throughout the day and ready to tackle the day!
Never leave your pet in the car – There is no excuse today to keep your pet locked away, most places have a facility to keep you dog securely fastened and safe.
Keeping your animal groomed and trim for the summer -! This will keep your dogs or cats cool and comfortable when there soaking up the sun this will also lessen water retention, a common cause for infection
Take your pet swimming – Investing in a doggie pool will make sure they always have water near when there is no pond in sight!

Following these handy tips will insure you pets have a great summer, ‘cause lets not forget, as much as they have fun in the sun, it can also be harmful to! Taking your companions out when its cooler or when the sun is setting can benefit your animals as they may be more inclined to exercise and go on longer walks.

Always remember that a pet is part of your family and safety should always come before fun!

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