Accessing Your Free Online Diary

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  Here at Best Reception we give you the option to access a free online diary to make sure we are up to date with all your daily movements. You can use this diary to update your movements, for example you can add meetings on there or times you will be out of the office. This helps us to appear more professional and accurate about the information we give out about you and your whereabouts.  If you decide to have your calls patched through to you but are in a meeting you can simply add to your diary that you are in a meeting and unable to take calls and we will advise your callers and take a message instead.  This also means that we can also advice them on a time they will be likely to have their call returned.

  Not only this but we can use the online diaries to book in appointments for you so you can spend more quality time with your clients without the interruption of a phone call half way through.

  It’s really simple to use your diary. We will provide you with all the log in details and instructions on how to share your diary with us and then your all up and running and you can start updating it whenever you like!

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