A day in the life of a virtual receptionist

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Here at Best Reception there is much involved in the day to day life of a virtual receptionist. Although prompt answering of the phones is our main priority, we are also busy throughout the day with other admin work and various tasks to ensure the efficient management of the office.

In the mornings, we have a meeting, which involves briefing the team on new clients that have joined us and existing client changes. This is vital as it ensures that all of the virtual receptionists are aware of any changes, and also provides the opportunity to answer any questions or queries.

We also go through our online diary system so we are up to date with client movements throughout the day. We use a free system which allows clients to share their diaries with us, allowing us to keep their callers up to date with their availability.  We check these every hour throughout the day so if anything in their day changes we are aware.

We also listen to any voicemails which may have come in for clients in the morning and either action the caller’s requirements (i.e. we can call the person back and even book them in for an appointment) or we can send the details over to our clients.

During the day we carry out line tests so we know all diverts are working, sms tests to ensure our clients are receiving text alerts, and email checks to make sure all emails are promptly being delivered. This way we know our clients will never miss a call or a message.

We also prepare and carry out presentations everyday. Each day we take it in turns to present a company to the rest of the receptionists. We find this very effective in ensuring that all receptionists are confident with their company knowledge and know how to correctly handle calls to the best of our ability.

We also are constantly updating our scripts so we know that all contacts and information we have on there is correct, ensuring that we never give callers the wrong information. We will regularly email our clients with their script information making sure our system is up to date. Furthermore, we will also action client changes that come in on a daily basis, from new starters, new offices, right through to changes to call handling processes.

There is a lot more to Best Reception than answering your calls in a friendly and professional way. We all work as a team to ensure that all the day to day measures required to successful be the best telephone answering service for our clients, are adhered to.

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