A Day In the life of a Virtual Receptionist

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A Day in the life of a Virtual Receptionist

A day at Best Reception starts with the important duty of all the morning checks. Here we run line tests to ensure that there will be no chance of any disruption to your line. Likewise we send test messages and check our system to ensure that email and SMS messages are being sent to you quickly and efficiently, so we get your messages to you without fail.

At Best Reception we give you the opportunity to use a free online diary so you can update your movements on there. First thing each morning we check all client diaries to make sure that any movements that are entered by you are added to your script before the start of the day so we can inform callers of your whereabouts.  However we continue to regularly check the diaries throughout the day to ensure that any movements that are updated at the last minute are put on to the script promptly. 

Each morning the team sit down for a morning meeting that is taken by either an office manager or Team Leader. Here is a great opportunity to brief the team on any new issues that were raised the previous day that they need to be aware of. It is also an excellent chance to introduce the team to any new clients that are due to start and make all receptionists fully aware of how to manage their calls before any are taken.

From the moment our lines are officially live to the moment we close you have a dedicated team of virtual receptionists answering your calls. We are delighted to take such a variety of calls ranging from message taking and transferring calls to placing orders and booking appointments. With such a varied client base no call is ever the same, this makes our day all the more interesting.

Not only do we take all the incoming calls throughout the day but our day is also filled with all different types of tasks. Throughout the day we can also make outbound calls for you too, for example we can re-arrange appointments for you, give out delivery information to customers or even just pass on messages to your clients! Not only this but we also spend our day updating your company information with any details you give us to make sure that all information we have for you is correct and up to date.

We are of course more that delighted with any new enquiries that come to us, when we do have new clients looking to join us there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to get them all up and running as soon as possible.  

So as you can imagine we are always kept busy throughout the day!

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