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For one of our clients, who are children’s bike accessory distributors, we use information provided to act as a customer service helpdesk, answering potential customer questions and queries. This is a valuable service to a lot of our clients as it means they can spend more time running their business while we answer the frequently asked questions. Not only this, but many businesses like this one have acknowledge that many of their potential customers prefer talk to someone before placing an order, either to answer  their questions or to place orders over the phone. It is important not to alienate such a large potential client base that do not like placing orders through unfamiliar websites. 

With this client in particular, we answer a wide variety of questions concerning delivery, differences between products, the returns and exchange policy and pricing. For example, we can advise callers of the different kinds of delivery costs, from next day delivery services to standard royal mail delivery. We can also have information for delivering abroad, so customers calling from any other country wanting to place an order are correctly informed about costs. Furthermore, we have a vast amount of information on pricing, from the price of individual items to any special offers that may be running. We can also advise callers on prices of local distributors.

We also have information on returns policy, informing callers that items can be returned if the original order details are kept. We also advise callers to state where they brought the original product and the reason for returning it, and instruct them to email this information to the returns department.

We also have access to pictures and general information about the products, such as weight and dimension, which is very useful when advising callers. With this client in particular, he also visited our offices with a presentation about his company. He wanted to meet the team in person and not only provide us with information about the history of his company, but also to show us his products, samples of which he left for us at the office. This process really helped us to become more than just an answering service, we became an extension of his company.

As their customer service desk, it is also vital for us to prioritize all calls and queries that come in.  For example, matters of urgency need to be marked as such so our client can deal with these accordingly.

Here at Best Reception, we will always offer a tailor made service to suit the requirements of your business. With this client, we are happy to go above and beyond to become the successful and efficient customer help line that they require.

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