Case study 7: Osteopathic booking service

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One of our clients we book in patients for are an Osteopathic Clinic based in Surrey. We are able to access their diary system via a remote desktop connection which allows us to book in their patients. Many of their patients call up to book, cancel or move appointments. When this occurs we access the system, add the relevant information and book them with the Osteopath of their choice. When new clients call in to book, we follow instructions provided and add all of their details onto the database. We then make sure they are aware of where the clinic is by giving them detailed directions.

We also carry out a lot of other activities on their system. For example, when patients want to speak to an Osteopath before they book in their appointment, we can raise a new telephone call within the system informing them that they need to call their patient as soon as available. If any patients are holding for particular dates or times, we place them on a holding list and then regularly check the list against any cancellations that may occur.

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