Call answering for Hypnotherapists

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If you are a busy hypnotherapist you will know how difficult it can be to answer all of your calls as and when they come in. Working as a professional that requires a relaxing and calming atmosphere to deliver an effective service, nothing can be more of an unwanted distraction than a ringing telephone. Whether you are self employed, working for a company or running your own practice, fitting call answering and handling into your daily schedule can be easier said than done.

Here at Best Reception, we have various hypnotherapists using our service and we know that it is not always convenient to answer the phone. By outsourcing your calls to Best Reception you can help to ensure that your calls are answered and handled by your very own friendly and hospitable receptionists. Our service is flexible too, so you can choose to divert all of your calls to us to act as your permanent receptionists, or you can choose to just divert calls when you are busy or out of the office. Diverting calls to us when you are busy can be an extremely useful service to use; especially in situations such as when you are with a patient and require a calm surrounding. Diverting your calls can save the ringing phone interrupting the serenity of your practice and therefore disturbing the success of your therapy.

Your receptionists will answer your calls in your name and blend seamlessly into the daily running of your business, so your clients won’t have to know we exist. But your receptionist’s job is not just limited to answering your phone calls. They can disclose as much or as little information as you wish including prices, treatment lengths and what the therapy will entail. If requested we are also more than happy to book your appointments for you, either using our free online diary system or your own booking system if you already have one in place.

By combining all of these services, you will be able to relax into the daily running of your business, safe in the knowledge that your team of virtual receptionists are taking care of your incoming calls. So if you’re looking for a seamless answering service for your hypnotherapy practice, why not call Best Reception now to start your free trial?

Telephone Answering for an Osteopathic Clinic

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Here at Best Reception we have a number of Osteopathic, Sports Massage and Personal Training clients. One of our clients is a clinic who runs all of these in one place, and as they are often very busy with all their own customers, the use our services to help save their precious time. We book their appointments, answer any questions callers may have such as prices and what each session may entail, and put their calls through to them when they may need to speak to a client personally. We also send out reminders for them for all their clients’ appointments, helping them to save time as this is one less thing they have to worry about, and also making sure that all their clients remember that they have an appointment there, avoiding any missed appointments which will result in wasted time where another client could have come in.

With one particular company, we book their appointments by logging into an outside system, it is the same system that they themselves use, which means there will never be any mistakes or double bookings and it all simply goes onto the same booking system.

Some of their callers may be calling for different practitioners, or ones who may have left their company. Without an answering service these calls may waste your time as your forward on the callers to any ex employees, however we can save you time by giving the caller the number of the person they are trying to get hold of. This means you do not have to throw away your time dealing with customers who may not even come to your clinic.

So why not experience the many benefits of Best Reception today by arranging a free trial.

Call answering for short term loan providers

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Due to the current economic climate short time loan providers have become increasingly popular. As an industry, short term loan providers have experienced a sharp rise in demand, which is why our telephone answering service can help you cope with this demand.  Best Reception can provide you with a seamless answering service, which has helped many short term loan providers successfully manage their influx of new business. We achieve this by providing you with a tailor-made service to suit your every need and by supplying you with a team of polite and friendly receptionists.

Regardless to whether your call intake is high or low Best Reception aim to ensure every call is answered and dealt with efficiently. If you have a large call volume you would have employ multiple in-house receptionists to avoid calls going unanswered which would be extremely costly! On the other hand if you only receive a small amount of calls it is not very cost effective to employ an in-house receptionist. In both cases leaving a call to go unanswered is incredibly off-putting and is not the impression you should be giving to new and existing customers due to the rise in competition.

Callers wanting a short term loan are not very likely to leave an answer phone message and await a response. We understand the urgency of the calls and can obtain bespoke information from the caller before putting a call through to you or taken a message if you prefer.  This helps you to deal with the enquiry as quickly as possible leaving your callers happy and helping to improve your time management which when running a business is extremely important.


Using A Call Answering Service Can Save You Money

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Running your own business can be time consuming and expensive. You may not always be able to answer your own calls, and as your business grows you may need to hire a receptionist. This can be a costly choice to make, as even though they are there to answer your calls, they will have sick days, holiday, and need to leave the phone during the day for use of the lavatory or lunch breaks. However using Best Receptions call answering service you will be paying a fraction of the cost, and as you will have your own team there will always be someone there to answer the phone.

Without using a call answering service your calls may be missed therefore loosing out on a new enquiry who may simply hang up when they go to voicemail and then call someone else. This will cause you to loose out on money which could have been avoided if you were using Best Receptions virtual Reception.

At Best Reception we offer a free sales screening service, which means your time is not wasted with pesky sales calls. Whereas other reception services may charge you for this, we offer it free! While you may currently be struggling to juggle your everyday tasks of running a business, with the distraction of the phone with pointless sales calls you may be wasting time which is wasting money. However with Best Reception screening these calls out from you for free, you have nothing to lose.

So why not make the most of your business and save money today, by giving Best Reception a call to arrange your own free trial so you can see just how helpful we can be.

Focus more time on your business- Cut out those irritating sales calls!

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Running your own business requires a lot of time and hard work. Some days, nothing can seem more hard work than the annoying perseverance of unsolicited sales calls. No matter what size or category your business is, sales calls can be an unwanted interruption to the smooth running of any business day.

If they go undetected at their first point of contact, unsolicited calls can easily build up and you will find yourself not only wasting your time in talking to them but also paying out for calls that are of no use to you. Here at Best Reception we can help to eliminate this worry, saving you time and money, by offering our optional sales screening service completely free of charge!

As you can imagine, answering calls for such a large number of clients means that your team of virtual receptionists are wise to the tactics of cold callers. We will always try our hardest to ensure that none of these slip through the net, even if it involves giving you a quick call to check that you do not wish to speak to them. If a sales call does accidentally slip through the net, all you need to do is give us a call and let us know and we will delete this message from your monthly tally. By doing this, we can ensure that you will not be charged.

Also, the way in which we deal with sales calls is entirely up to you. Some of our clients with more persistent sales callers opt for an ‘ignore list’ on which we store the names and numbers of all the people they do not wish to speak to. For these people, we simply politely advise them that the client is not interested and to not contact again unless they are invited to do so. For some, we can ask them to e-mail so that their enquiries can be filtered and dealt with by the client themselves.