Call Answering for Podiatrists

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If you are a podiatrist, it can be tricky to be
available to answer all of your calls that come in. Especially if you are a
podiatrist running your own company, this can mean that it will not be cost
effective to employ an in house receptionist to answer your calls. Particularly
if like many other podiatrists you make many home visits, making it almost
impossible to answer any calls whether you are driving to the location or
treating the client. Outsourcing your calls to Best Reception can ensure that
whilst you are travelling to and from your clients, in with clients or busy
doing vital activities that ensure smooth running of your business, all of your
calls will be answered by quickly and professionally by your very own team of
virtual receptionists.
Our friendly receptionists can answer your calls
with a greeting of your choice, and give your callers any information they
require if this is provided to us. With the right knowledge, we can advise your
callers on your prices, appointment lengths and even give brief advice on what
Podiatry entails. If requested we are more than happy to book your appointments
for you either using our free online diary system or a current system you have
in place.
As a podiatrist, whether you work from home, within
a larger practice or at multiple locations, outsourcing your calls to Best
Reception means that you can have a full time receptionist available to book
and manage your appointments.

Does your business need an overflow service?

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Running a business can require a lot of your own time and hard work, and so hiring a receptionist to manage all of your calls and admin work seems like the perfect solution. But what happens when your receptionist is on the other line or away from their desk at the time that vital phone call comes in?

With Best Reception, you can divert all the calls your front of house receptionist is unable to answer to your very own personal team of virtual receptionists with our overflow service. By using our overflow service, you can help to ensure that your clients are never left waiting on hold or passed on to an unreliable voicemail service. Having your calls diverted to Best Receptioncan help to ensure that you do not miss out on those all-important new enquiry phone calls, and also keep your existing customers happy by ensuring that their call is always answered by in a friendly and professional way. Your virtual receptionists will blend so seamlessly into the flow of your telephone answering, you needn’t even tell your clients we exist!

Outsourcing your reception also means that you are well prepared for unanticipated circumstances, such as if your in house receptionist can not make it into work. This is something that is especially vital in the coming winter months with warnings of snow approaching. Within seconds you can divert some or all of your telephone calls to your team of virtual receptionists; who will be ready to answer your calls, in your business name, with a greeting that suits you.

So don’t fret about missing out on important calls when your call volume soars out of your control, divert your calls to your own personal team of virtual receptionists fromBest Reception!

Answering Service for Driving Instructor’s

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Whilst on the road with a client your phone may ring, however you are not able to pick this up due to instructing a learner driver. The call will go to answer phone, and not wanting to leave a message the caller may hang up, and phone the next driving instructor on their list that can assist them straight away. Alternatively, you can use Best Reception’s call answering service and divert your phone straight to us so whilst you are unable to answer the phone your caller will go through to a professional and friendly receptionist. Here they can obtain information such as prices, lesson lengths, types of cars used, what cars you teach in and we can book them in for a lesson with you, if you would like us to.

The second scenario is obviously the best scenario for your business, you would not want to loose a potential client, and especially not when it can be avoided with the simple use of outsourcing your calls to Best Reception’s business phone answering service. Due to you spending most of your business time on the road, when it is illegal to answer the phone, it is a clear benefit to use our telephone answering service.

If you would like to save even more of your precious time, we can book in your driving lessons for you. Simply share your diary with us and we can access your availability and other appointments, enabling us to book in driving lessons for you.

So why not make a business decision guaranteed to make your driving school run much smoother, and give Best Reception a call.

It’s Not Always Convenient To Answer Your Phones

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Hearing your phone ring at an inconvenient time is never a good thing. You are always wondering when you hear the phone ring off, who was that? Was it a new enquiry? Have I missed a new business opportunity?

At Best Reception we can answer your calls for you to ensure that you do not miss out on a new business venture. By using our free online diary system or by giving us access to your current system, you can let us know your movements. This illuminates the worry of missing calls and also enables us to give out accurate information to your callers regarding your whereabouts. This keeps them happy as we can give them an idea of when they are likely to receive a call back and we can take bespoke message whilst you are otherwise engaged.

Having meetings interrupted, or losing your train of thought due to a ringing phone can be extremely off putting, making it hard to get back on track straight away. Having your calls answered by a team of polite friendly receptionists helps put a stop to the everyday interruptions, helping you improve your time management within more important aspects of your business.  If we take messages for you and something is urgent we can send it to you as an SMS as well so you will
know there is something that needs you attention at your earliest convenience. In addition to this we can also patch any call through to any location or number.

By having Best Reception answer your calls all of your callers will be able to speak to someone instead of getting an answer machine where they may decline to leave a message. By talking to someone it gives more of a personal touch and they will get things done quickly and efficiently.

Call Answering for Garage Door Companies

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Here at Best Reception we act as an answering service for a wide variety of companies, one of them being garage door companies. They find our service particularly useful as they may be unavailable on client sites and this may prevent them from answering the phone, which could lead to losing business. Or they may answer the phone, causing an unprofessional appearance and they will not be able to give their full attention to the client they are with. Avoiding these situations may help your business to grow even more. You can have complete peace of mind knowing your calls are being handled by your own professional and friendly team of receptionists, and even have the option for us to call you with anything urgent so you know you are never going to miss anything.

We can obtain any details you may need, such as what type of garage door they are looking for, or where they are based and will need it installed, or even where it is they heard of your company, so you know how to optimise your marketing for new enquiries.

At Best Receptionwe also give outinformation to callers that may be needed, for example prices orinformation on showrooms. With one of our companies we obtain the callers address when they are asking for a brochure, so you can simply send it out with ease with all the relevant details sent to you on an email.

Of course we are not limited to doing anything with just Garage door companies, we can obtain and provideinformation for any sector, and can help your business to run smoother and much easier. Why not callBest Receptiontoday for a free trial and see how your business can benefit!

A virtual reception- helping you to juggle your multiple phone lines

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If your company has a high call volume or more than one phone line, outsourcing your calls to Best Reception may be the best way to save you time and money by helping to ensure that you never miss a call or business opportunity again

Whether your business is small or large, it can be a struggle to keep on top of the large number of calls coming in on a daily basis. With a virtual reception, you can divert your calls to your very own team of friendly receptionists who will have your calls answered within seconds, in a way that suits you.

If your company has various divisions or is spread across a range of locations, that’s no problem! You can divert your calls (as many lines as you would like) to one centralised phone line that we will answer in your company name in a greeting decided by you.

With our service you can make certain that your calls will be dealt with efficiently and professionally, allowing you to disentangle yourself from the continual phone calls and focus your attention on the day to day running of your business.

The role of a virtual receptionist- It’s trickier than it looks

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A lot of people may be under the impression that the role of a virtual receptionist is a straight forward and simple one, myself included before I took on the role. However having worked as a virtual receptionist for the past few weeks, I have since realised that the role is not as straight forward as it first seems, but is instead a rather challenging and interesting one.

The main assumption is that virtual receptionists simply receive calls and pass on messages. Although ensuring the phones are answered quickly and professionally is the top priority at Best Reception, there are also many other activities in which we must ensure are carried out in order for the calls to run to a high standard. These actions include the sending and receiving of emails between our clients, making bookings for our clients using various complex booking systems and changing the scripts to tailor the needs of our clients, amongst many other things. These services we provide all help to ensure a seamless virtual reception service. We work together as a close-knit team of professionals to guarantee that a swift and efficient service for our clients is provided at all times.

Having worked for Best Reception for a while now, I see there is so much more to the role of a virtual receptionist than meets the eye, the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure such a flawless telephone answering service is extraordinary.

Case Study – Call Answering for Photographers

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Here at Best Reception, amongst our diverse range of clientele we have photographers. They find it very beneficial to use our call answering service as they may be unable to answer the phone whilst on photo shoots or while they are with clients. If you yourself are a photographer and are struggling to juggle current clients, new clients and answering the phone, why not save yourself the time by using a virtual receptionist to answer your calls for you.

Being able to divert your phones lines over to us easily means you can switch them to us whenever you want, giving you the full confidence to turn your phone off and know all of your calls are being handled in a professional and friendly manor and you will not be disturbed whilst with clients.

You can receive your messages by email, SMS or even have us to call you with the clients on the phone, so you can have the option whether to speak to them or not. We can obtain any information you will need to call them back, such as their name, number and their company name if it’s applicable. We can also gain extra information that you may find useful, such as the date of the event or wedding they would like you to take photos for, or anything else you may need.

Provide us with prices or any other information which may be relevant to your company and we can answer as many questions as we can for your callers if they ask. This will save you a great amount of time and is much cheaper than hiring a front of house receptionist to answer your calls, which also creates a problem when two calls are ringing in at the same time.

Save yourself time and money by using Best Receptions call answering service for a friendly first point of contact for your business.

Take Care of Your Existing Clients Before Someone Else Does!

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Taking care of your existing clients is just as important as recruiting new clients. They do not want to feel ignored or feel as they have no one to answer their questions ASAP. An outsourced reception will be ready and available to answer and help with any questions or queries they may have straight away. They will be on hand with all of the information provided to help the caller to the best of their ability.

       Getting New Clients is great, but keeping existing ones happy is all part of the job. They will be the ones recommending you to other clients. They were once a New client receiving the best attention to detail and winning proposal that made them join in the first place. As an existing client they would expect the same level of attention as they did when they started and that is not always easy with companies growing.

     Having an outsourced reception that is friendly and outgoing and who pride themselves on giving the best service they can, can make life a whole lot easier and you will be able to manage your work load much better and have more time for yourself and your clients.

     If you do not have enough time for your clients as they are all asking you to do things at once, things tend to get missed or forgotten and they will start to think that standards may have slipped. With Best reception we have multiple lines that calls will come through to our individual teams so they will not be missed. They will be dealt with as soon as the call comes in from beginning to end and will not be forgotten.  With the scripts that you provide us it is as if we were there at your company, and callers will assume we are in-house receptionists. You will be provided with a taylor-made service to suit your every need leaving you with the confidence that your customers are being taken care of stopping them from going elsewhere to someone who will.

Telephone Answering for Legal Services.

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Due to the latest ‘Tesco Law’ now more than ever legal services will find outsourcing their reception extremely beneficial to the running of their business. The new law allows non-lawyers to set up legal practices, enable supermarkets and other high street retailers to offer legal services to the public. This new law will vastly increase the competition within this sector, especially for those small high street firms. Best Reception offers a seamless answering service helping your organisation to appear as a larger enterprise. Appearing as a larger organisation gives off a high level of professionalism, therefore helping you to withstand the potential influx of new competition.

It is not very cost efficient for small companies to employ an in-house receptionist if they have a low call in take, however an answer phone or a busy tone can be extremely off putting to both new and existing clients. By helping you to ensure all calls are answered in a polite and professional manner you can avoid your customers going elsewhere, which is vital due to the possible increase of competitors. By having your phone answered by a team of friendly receptionists we help to build your customer relations ensuring they stay loyal to your company and remain happy with your service. Best Reception try to deal with the call as much as we can, helping you to manage your time efficiently freeing you more time for other aspects of your business.

By outsourcing your reception service to us at Best Reception you can improve the running of your company which will be even more beneficial now the new ‘Tesco Law’ has been put into action.