Call Answering for Beauticians

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Best Reception not only answers calls for office based industries, but also for smaller establishments such as beauticians. They find us very useful as a call answering service and as a booking service. Beauticians will use us when there are only a few members of staff working with them, this will avoid the phone ringing when they are with a client and will stop the beautician delaying treatments by attending to the phone. Best Reception can also be used as an overflow. The call will come through to us when you are on the other line or if you do not answer it in time, we will handle the call as you wish and send you an email with the information requested.
We understand that many beauticians will be in appointments throughout the day so the girls at Best Reception will act as your receptionist. We can log on to your diary used in your clinic and book appointments. All of the staff at Best Reception will be fully trained to book all types of appointments for you. We would ask you to send over any information about treatments so that we can answer any queries that may be asked. We can also offer a service so that if you are running late for an appointment, we can call the client on your behalf and reschedule them or make them aware of the delay.
We know that calls for beauticians can sometimes be of a sensitive nature, as some treatments can be very intimate. This is why we will always answer your calls with professionalism at all times. Furthermore, we will always aim to develop a good rapport with your regular clients, with their booking requirements being dealt with quickly and efficiently.
Using Best Reception can also help you to send out reminders to clients or even mail shots with promotions; this will save you time and money.
Best Reception will be here 8-7 Monday to Friday and 8.30-5.30 on a Saturday to answer your calls also offering you the option to use our voicemail service so we can call back any calls after these hours.

Telephone Answering for IT Support Companies

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Within our large clientele many support companies find our service extremely beneficial to the running of their business. Many of which use us as more than an answering service. For one of our client’s we not only answer there calls but we also can book call outs, we are able to do this by using an online diary. Many clients find this extremely useful as running a support company can be very stressful especially when trying to answer the phone whilst on a call out.

By using our service you can give all your attention to the customers and do not need to worry about the phone ringing or going to answer phone as best reception will take care of all of your calls and promise to help your customers as much as we can. Our clients find our online diaries extremely helpful as they can update us with any movements they have for example if they are in a meeting or out of the office we are then able inform callers of this. This proves to be very effective as we can give the caller a time estimate for when to expect a call back which stops them from repeatedly calling and getting aggravated. We are also able to book call out’s on these shared diary’s which means you do not have to and will not lose out on any business by not being near your phone, as many people will go elsewhere if left to an answerphone. We can also give out an unlimited about of information about your company e.g. prices, services that you may provide and availability.

Telephone Answering for Restaurants

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Within our large clientele many restaurants find our service extremely beneficial to the running of their business. Many of which use us as much more than just an answering service. For one of our client’s we not only answer their calls, we also take table reservations and book them in on a shared online diary which is visible to them and our receptionists. Many clients find this extremely useful as running a restaurant can be very stressful when trying to serve customers and answering the phone at the same time. By using our service you can pay all your attention to your customers and will not have to worry about answering the phone as we here a best reception will take care of these calls and help your customers as much as we can.
Due to many restaurants not being open during the day it is not very cost effective to employ a receptionist during your off peak times. But leaving the calls to a voicemail can be extremely off-putting and they may take their business elsewhere, with our service you won’t have to worry about not being open or unavailable. We are here to handle all calls or act as an overflow for you existing system and are able to book reservations and give out any required information including prices, opening hours and parking.

Why Choose Best Reception

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Best Reception is an ever expanding company based in Hertfordshire. Although we are growing as a company, we still maintain our personal and professional manner, giving our clients an ongoing outstanding service.

Here at Best Reception we offer exceptional value for money, proving that outsourcing can be very cost effective for all of our clients. Whats more, we also offer services for free! Our free services include our two week free trial, Set up fees, online diary management, notification of messages by email and free sales screening. There are many more examples of these on our website

We pride ourselves on our ability to be personal and know all of our clients individually. One of the most important aspects of our service is familiarity, this is vital in creating a virtual service for you that will be invisible to your clients (they will not no that we are not based at your company!)  Having small teams of four within our organisation enables us to give our clients an extremely personal service, your receptionists will become familiar with the inns and outs of your company, from your new and existing clients and customers right through to what your company does and how we handle your calls.

Best Reception can cater to all of your needs whether it be taking bookings, placing orders, acting as a switchboard, plus many more. Nothing is to out of the ordinary for us!

Telephone Answering Service for Computer Companies

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Here at Best Reception we answer calls for a variety of computer companies, ranging from support and servicing, right through to sales and leasing of machinery. One of our companies in this sector, based in Hertfordshire, are a dynamic document solutions company who deal with photocopier sales, leasing and servicing. We offer them a very bespoke service that hugely benefits the running of their business

We act as their in house receptionist by raising call outs. If a client is having problems with their copier, we can take down their contact details, we find out the nature of their problem and letting the caller know that a call out has been raised. These details are then forwarded on accordingly for the relevant engineer to deal with. We also can take orders, for example if the client wanted to order toner cartridges; we take the relevant information such as; meter readings, what they would like to order and the machine brand and serial number. We then instruct the callers that this will be sent out for them. This client in particular finds that using our outsourced reception to take orders saves them valuable time.

What’s more, this client also takes advantage of our free online diary system, as it is vital for them that we are regularly updated with their movements; i.e when they are in meetings or out of the office we can advise their callers of this, and also advise what time they will be available. They simply update their diary with these movements and we regularly check this and update our system accordingly.

Client Feedback

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A Web Design Company recently commented on how they keep getting wonderful feedback from their clients about their receptionists.

5 reasons why companies use a virtual reception

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Here at Best Reception, we have a large clientele spanning over numerous different industries, and this has enabled us to deliver call handling services to the highest of standards. Although we offer various bespoke services to a large number of our clients, we have found that the most common reasons why companies use our telephone answering service are:

To ensure that all of their calls are answered. This is vital for any business – missed calls can mean missed business! We have clients ranging from small businesses to large international companies, all using our service to ensure that no call goes unanswered!
To make their company appear bigger.  Many of our small clients and sole traders use an outsourced reception to make their business appear as a larger enterprise. Having this image is very important to help them reach out to a larger demographic.
It is cheaper then hiring an in house receptionist. Outsourcing is extremely cost effect, costing far less than hiring in house operators. This is especially appealing to our clients that do not have the means to pay for in an in house receptionist, and to our clients who experience extremely high call volumes that if handled in house, would cost them a great expense.
Appointment booking and diary management. This provides many businesses with a receptionist for all kinds of clinical practices, (i.e osteopaths, physios, chiropractors!) to book and manage appointments.
Holiday/Sick cover. Many of our clients outsource their reception when away on holiday or covering sick leave, making sure that their business still efficiently runs during these times!

Running a business from home

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If you are running a business from home, you will know first hand how difficult it can be, as you are faced with many distractions. Many of our clients who run businesses from home are juggling their household responsibilities along with the day to day running of their business. The result of this is that they find their time is taken away from their phones. Furthermore, many of our clients do not wish to disclose to callers that their business runs from within their home, and try to avoid callers hearing unavoidable background noises such as the door bells ringing or dogs barking.

Outsourcing your reception will provide your company with a cost effective means of maintaining your professional image, as well as helping to relieve some of the stresses that come with running your own business. Your receptionist will answer your calls in a polite and professional manner and handle them in any way you require. We can transfer calls through to you directly if you wish, and if it is not convenient for you to take the call we can simply take a message for you. What’s more, you can let us know your schedule and we can advise your callers accordingly of any meetings or appointments you have. We also offer a free sales screening service, getting rid of those nuisance calls free of charge, saving you more valuable time.

Outsourcing your reception will help ensure that you never miss call, and will also provide your company with that all important professional image.

Our Hairdressing Clients

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At Best Reception we answer calls for a wide array of businesses, amongst these are hairdressers. One of our clients, who run a salon in London, find our service particularly useful when busy with clients or on the other line. With their calls we act as an overflow service, explaining to callers that the receptionist is on the other line and will call them back shortly.

If you have a salon, your staff may be too busy with clients to answer calls, causing a call to be missed. This may be a potential new customer,  who may take their business elsewhere, making you loose out on new business. Or maybe your receptionist finds it difficult to cope with a high volume of calls, especially  when she is already on the phone. Whatever the case Best Reception are here to help.

Maybe your self employed and find it difficult answering the phone when your with a client or when you are travelling jobs. Again you can let Best Reception take away the worry of missing important calls in these circumstances.

You can choose how you would like to use our service, whether you would like an overflow receptionist to simply take messages or whether you would like a fully – fledged receptionist to take bookings on your very own diary. What ever you require, we can accommodate your needs.