Client Feedback

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One of our clients who provide a consultancy service for the legal profession were kind enough to leave us some positive feedback :

“My clients and I have been really impressed by the service from Best Reception. Most say that they wouldn’t have known that it was not my own PA sat in the same building. If only all business was this good!”

Well done guys! 🙂

Top Tips for choosing a Telephone Answering Service

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When choosing a telephone answering service there are many factors you should consider to help you find the best one for your company.

Ask for a free trial, any respectable answering service will offer you a free no obligation trial. This will allow you to try out the service before making any commitment to sign up.
Make a visit into the office. You need to feel confident that the people answering on behalf of your company are professional and friendly.
Ask to do test calls. Most reputable companies will suggest you do this, as they will be confident that their virtual receptionists will impress you. You also need to ensure they sound as if they are a part of your organisation, so ask as many questions possible.
Ensure that they make a conscious effort to learn the ins and outs of your company, including your company history and the services you provide.
You should feel free to give them as much information as needed to ensure they are handling your calls to the highest standards.
Your chosen telephone answering service must be flexible to the needs of your company and able to deal with any bespoke requirements your business requests.


By following all of the above tips you will be able to outsource your reception and feel comfortable your calls are being handled by the best receptionists available. Here at Best reception we make sure our service delivers all of the above and plenty more.

Making your small business look bigger

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Here at Best reception, we provide a seamless reception service for a variety of small companies, providing a professional, and extremely cost effective receptionist, to handle those all important phone calls

As a small business not only may you struggle to answer every call, but creating that all important first impression is vital to the success of your business. Having your calls go through to a mobile whilst you are out and about, or having your callers greeted by a voicemail could potentially damage that first impression of your company  This is why many of our clients use our reception service, so if they are in a meeting or simply unable to take a call, they can divert their phones to our telephone answering service, having their calls answered in their company name by a friendly, professional receptionist.

With using a reception service we will prevent you from missing a call and can also give the impression of more employees working at your business. Not only will using us prevent you from losing business through lost phone calls, but we can also create an impression of a larger enterprise, which many of our clients find hugely beneficial to their business image. For example, many of our clients running small businesses have a script created solely for this purpose, with references to “the sales team”, “accounts department” and even “the support team”. 

In the current economic climate, business growth and can be very difficult. Cutting costs has become an important priority for many small businesses, but so has business expansion and appealing to a new clientele. This is why reception offers not only a cost effective service, but also a means to appeal to a whole new clientele of business, with the image of a larger enterprise and a guarantee that all of your important calls will be answered on quality by using Best Reception instead. In fact, by having your own team of 4 receptionists for far less than the price of 1, you’ll receive consistency and uninterrupted cover without the need for lunch breaks, holiday or sick leave!

Telephone Answering For Outbound Calls

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For our existing clients here at Best Reception, we not only answer their incoming calls but also offer an outbound service. Our outbound call service is tailor made to suit the requirements of a large client base that we have. For example, we have a number of clients who require a call back service to help secure customer orders. We also have many clients who own chiropractic, osteopathic and physiotherapy clinics, who use our outbound call service to confirm their clients upcoming appointments. For many of our clients we even manage their schedules by confirming meetings or appointments.

If you run a small business and needed to reschedule your appointments, this service can be beneficial for your company. As a small business you may not have an in house receptionist to manage your diary and organize your appointments. This can result in to you having to do this yourself – which is time that you most probably do not have to spare! Using our telephone service can also appear to your clients that your business is growing by acting as your in house receptionist in a professional friendly manner.

Our outbound calling service works incredibly well for many of our clients, one example is our client who is a supplier of physiotherapy supports, based in Yorkshire. Not only do we substitute for an in house receptionist by takings orders for them, but we also act as a customer service line to help secure the sale of products. This involves calling clients back, because if we cannot deal with a query immediately and it requires further investigation, we will forward the query onto the relevant department (i.e shipping), and then call the customer back once we have had a response. Also, if they had a product query, we will sometimes need to check this with a contact at the company with a medical background, and then call the client back and advise them with the correct feedback.

Ultimately, many of our clients use our outbound call service to help their business achieve an exceptionally high standard of customer care, for all of their customers or clients!

Benefits of a Telephone Answering Service.

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Any business owner will agree that running a company can be very stressful and time consuming. By outsourcing your calls to us at Best Reception your day to day work load can be minimised, leaving your day less stressful. If you have a small business it can be hard to ensure every call is answered, but many new clients will hang up if greeted by a busy tone or voicemail. By diverting your calls to us we will ensure you never miss out on any potential new business and can guarantee that every call will be answered in a polite and professional manner. We will also act familiar with your existing clients to ensure they remain happy with your service. Our reception service is so seamless that your callers will expect us to be sitting at the front desk of your company.

            Larger companies, who use our telephone answering service as a switchboard, have found this to be extremely beneficial to the management of a large amount of calls. Not only can we guarantee that calls are promptly answered, but outsourcing a large call volume is extremely cost effective. Hiring an in house receptionist to accommodate a large call volume can be a great expense! We can handle your calls in any way you require, for example calls can be put it through to as many different departments and people as needed. We also offer free sales screening so any cold callers will be dealt with and you will not be charged for these calls. This will stop your valuable time being consumed on irrelevant matters.

            Further more our large clientele get the opportunity to share an online diary with us. This enables us to know your work schedules and advise callers on your availability. If you had a meeting you could add this to your diary, which would be visible to us, and we would inform callers of this and let them know when they are likely to get a response. In addition to this according to the information you provide us with we can deal with some of your calls for you, including directions and prices. Therefore by outsourcing your switchboard to Best Reception you are left with more time to efficiently manage your company.

My First Week

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After my first week working as a virtual receptionist, I have started to find my footing and have become more and more confident in my role. I have undergone further training by learning some of our clients with more difficult call handling. For example, I have been learning how we book appointments for one of our clients, who are an osteopathic clinics based in Leytonstone. Using a free online diary system, we book in his existing patients for half an hour and his new clients for an hour. In addition to this, I have learnt various details of his clinic so I can accurately help his callers. For example, I can now advise them on prices of appointments, directions to the clinic and clinic opening hours.

            Now I am getting to grips with the basics, I have begun to perform more day to day tasks. These tasks involve checking the diaries for daily movements of our clients and updating the scripts to ensure these movements are acknowledged. To help me organise my day to day tasks, I have my own weekplan. On my week plan there are jobs that I need do and things that I need to remember. In addition to these tasks, I have regular reviews with my team leader and office manager, which are very useful as I can discuss how I feel I am progressing and any questions I may have.

            All in all I feel I am learning more and more everyday and keen to see what the next few weeks will entail.

Case Study – Ordering Service

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Here at Best Reception we can take orders from your callers by using online payment systems, your personal websites or by taking the details for you and sending them securely in two messages for safety. There is no need to use up you precious time taking orders, or paying an expensive sales team when Best Reception can make sure all orders are handled in the best way possible for a fraction of the price. Make sure you do not loose out on any clients who may try to call whilst you are in meetings, or who may be too afraid to place orders online by giving them the option to call through to a team of friendly receptionists.

One of our clients have provided us with an online payment system which allows us to place orders in an efficient and secure way. Not only this but we can also track orders, change order details and cancel orders. This helps save our client a huge amount of time as we are able to provide all the information that callers need and help them with any order queries.

We can also log onto your website and place the order for the caller. This can be very useful as people may not feel they can do the order online themselves or may feel a lot more comfortable talking to a person on reception.

For another of our clients we take payment by entering all the card details into a simple message. This may be useful if you don’t have a payment system or website. These details are quickly emailed over to you in two messages for security.

Make sure you save your own time and do not miss out on valuable sales whilst otherwise occupied by having Best Reception take your orders, helping increase your own revenue.

Client Feedback

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We have had some great feedback today from one of our clients, they said a big “thank you to you and all your staff for the highly professional services you all provide. I would recommend you to anyone and would be happy to endorse your company”

Well done to all!! 😀

Telephone Answering for Chiropractors

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As a chiropractor, how do you answer your calls when you are not available to take them? Are your potential new clients greeted by an answer phone or busy tone? It is important for you to cater to the needs of your existing clients, and interrupting their treatments to answer the phone would not be feasible and very impractical! In this competitive industry, every call could be potential new business and is this business you can afford to lose? Many callers may take their business elsewhere if greeted by a voicemail, especially if they are looking for an urgent appointment!

It is for these reasons, and many more that we have a large client base of chiropractors, ranging from sole practitioners running a small practice to larger clinics with multiple practitioners and locations. Having an outsourced reception is provided so seamlessly that it gives or our clients a personalised, friendly and professional reception to manage their clinics.

For example, “your receptionist” can book and manage all of your appointments, which not only ensures all new clients are immediately catered to, but also provides existing clients with an efficient means of booking their appointments. For many of our clients in this industry, we either use a free online diary system or remotely access a current system.

Not only this, many of our clients use their reception service to advise their callers accordingly and perform administrative tasks, saving them valuable time and ensuring the best customer service possible for potentially new and existing clients!  For example we can answer your callers’ questions; whether they are needing directions, wanting to know costs, or even to make them aware of what you do as a chiropractor and the qualifications you have. Furthermore, we can schedule appointment reminders for existing clients, re arrange appointments where necessary, even send out invoices and take appointment deposits!