A day at Best Reception

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A day at Best Reception starts with the important duty of all the morning checks. Here we run line tests to ensure that there will be no chance of any disruption to your line. Likewise we send test messages and check our system to ensure that email and SMS messages are being sent to you quickly and efficiently, so we get your messages to you without fail.

 At Best Reception we give you the opportunity to use a free online diary so you can update your movements on there. First thing each morning we check all client diaries to make sure that any movements that are entered by you are added to your script before the start of the day so we can inform callers of your whereabouts.  However we continue to regularly check the diaries throughout the day to ensure that any movements that are updated at the last minute are put on to the script promptly. 

 Each morning the team sit down for a morning meeting that is taken by either an office manager or Team Leader. Here is a great opportunity to brief the team on any new issues that were raised the previous day that they need to be aware of. It is also an excellent chance to introduce the team to any new clients that are due to start and make all receptionists fully aware of how to manage their calls before any are taken.

 From the moment our lines are officially live to the moment we close you have a dedicated team of virtual receptionists answering your calls. We are delighted to take such a variety of calls ranging from message taking and transferring calls to placing orders and booking appointments. With such a varied client base no call is ever the same, this makes our day all the more interesting.

 Not only do we take all the incoming calls throughout the day but our day is also filled with all different types of tasks. Throughout the day we can also make outbound calls for you too, for example we can re-arrange appointments for you or give out delivery information to customers or even just pass on messages to your clients! Not only this but we also spend our day updating your company information with any details you give us to make sure that all information we have for you is correct and up to date. So as you can imagine we are always kept busy!

Telephone Answering

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Trying to run a business and juggling all the main responsibilities can be stressful, so why not take a load of your mind and make sure your calls are being handled in the most professional yet friendly way possible.

At Best Reception we ensure that all your calls will be answered quickly and efficiently, without a call ever being missed. If you provide us with the information we can even give out details of prices or the answers to any other general queries that callers have. Your own team of friendly receptionists can also obtain information needed for you to help save you time. In addition to getting the callers name, company if applicable, contact number and a message regarding what the call is about, we can attain the email address or home address or anything else you may like to know before calling them back.

If you need to have someone manage your calls whilst in a meeting we will let your callers know that you are busy and when your meeting will likely end so they know not to expect to hear back from you straight away, preventing frustration which they may have if just going through to your voicemail with no explanation.

Best Reception can help prevent lost time chasing up small details with callers and make sure your calls are always being handled proficiently and friendly when you need us.

Telephone Answering for Small Businesses

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At Best Reception we answer calls for companies of all sizes and can tailor a solution for even the smallest businesses usually at a fraction of the anticipated cost.

As a small business you may struggle to answer every call. If you are in a meeting or simply unable to take a call you could divert it to our telephone answering service in order for it to be answered in your company’s name by a friendly, professional receptionist.

Your virtual receptionist will prevent you from missing a call and also give the impression of more employees working at your business while avoiding the need for you to answer calls on your mobile or at inopportune moments.

When potential new clients phone your company and hear an answer-machine, they are highly unlikely to leave a message therefore resulting in lost business. By using our service it will give your business a much more personal touch and avoid these new clients being lost forever.

In the current economic climate, we are all looking at ways to cut back and save money. Rather than employing an in house receptionist you could make vast savings without have to compromise on quality by using Best Reception instead.  In fact, by having your own team of 4 receptionists for far less than the price of 1, you’ll receive consistency and uninterrupted cover without the need for lunch breaks, holiday or sick leave!

At Best Reception we will provide you with the best monthly plan based on how many calls you receive in a month – with cold callers screened free of charge.  Our free online diary monitoring enables you to update your daily movements so that we can let callers know whether you are available or in a meeting or even out of the office.

Why not try our two week free trial to see how Best Reception can assist your business. We promise you will not be disappointed!!

Best Receptions Trip To Alton Towers!

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Just as the weather was picking up we thought what a great idea it will be to get out of the office and spend some quality time together! At 6AM we started our 2 hour journey in the dreary rain- this was not the weather we were expecting, but this didn’t dampen out spirits, with the help of the Beach Boys and the James Bond soundtrack we were raring to go! We finally arrived in the park, only to find the weather had got worse, but once again we soldiered on and found some very stylish poncho’s to brighten up our day – we even got Andy a trendy blue one too! Team Best Reception were on a mission to tackle every ride in the park; this was not a problem as everyone else seemed to be scared off by the rain. The first ride we decided to go on was air, not great for Steph who has a phobia of theme park rides and heights! We were hoisted in to the air so we were facing down, looking over the park and other rides, amazing ride but over so quickly, we were all very proud of Steph for going on this one, but unfortunately this is where it ended for her and she decided to be our bag holder instead! We managed to make our way around the whole park going from Rita to Hex to the Charlie and the Chocolate ride – This one was just for Steph! As the day was drawing in, the sun had decided to come out aswell as the sunglasses, so the poncho’s went away, only to be used as a mat to sit on. This gave us another lease of energy to go on the rides again and finish our fun packed day with a nice gentle ride on the rapids- we needed the poncho’s on this one!

            At 6PM our day came to an end, much to Rosie’s disapproval, but we cheered her up by having one last go on the Monorail, this was not a ride but it made her smile! Fortunately for Andy he had a very peaceful journey home as we were all conked out in the back, so that meant no talking about nonsense and listning to very strange music with a group of girls! We finally arrived in Hertfordshire at 10PM after a few stop offs along the way and we were all ready for our bed. This lack of sleep did not stop out nattering though and we decided to come up with scores for each ride. So our verdicts are…..

Nemesis 9/10
Air 9/10
Oblivion 10/10
Rita 10/10
Ripsaw 6/10
Congo River Rapids 7/10
Duel 5/10 – Andy did not approve of this as the girls beat him!
Hex 5/10
Charlie and the Chocolate factory 10/10 – all ten points given by Steph as this was the only one she enjoyed!


We have all decided now that a work trip is needed every couple of weeks not only to keep our readers updated but to try new and exciting things!

Osteopathic booking service

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As an osteopath, whether you run an osteopathic practice, or are a sole trader, it is not always feasible or practical or answer your calls. Many of our osteopathic clients use our service to not only book appointments for them (either through remote access on our online diary system), but to also ensure that potential new enquiries are never missed and existing clients are catered to in a professional and friendly manner.

The reason that this service works very well for many different types of osteopathic practices is because of how seamlessly it can be done, and we strive to always provide an “invisible” service. Your callers will be none the wiser that we are not based at your practice, they will expect to see us sitting at your front desk!

Your receptionist will take the time to become an extension of your clinic, we can have information on our system about your treatment prices and payment methods, conditions you can treat, cancellation policies, dealing with insurers, and even detailed directions to your clinic!

Client Feedback

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“I have been away a lot lately and things without your messaging service would be very chaotic. It is an excellent service and it’s the personal touch that makes it work so well” – Photographer, London

Holiday Cover

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Don’t get the holiday blues over missed calls…..

With our excellent call handling system no call needn’t go a miss. Whether you are an existing client or a new client, if you give us the dates you are away and how you would like us to handle your calls, you can relax in the sun with the stress of missing calls at the back off your mind! Here at Best Reception we offer many different packages for new clients looking for holiday cover for exceptional value, we will answer your calls Monday – Friday 8.30am – 6pm, keep your eyes on this blog though as of July 2011 our opening times will be changing, we will be working Monday – Friday 8.30 am 8 pm and Saturday 8:30 am – 5.30 pm.

 We also offer a voice mail system so we will return your calls if you wish. No company is too big or to small for us and with our dedicated team we will handle your calls in a polite and professional manner.

Getting to know your small business

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If you are currently running a small business you may find it hard to juggle all the tasks of running a successful company and dealing with new enquiries. This is where Best Reception can help, you can choose to simply divert your phones to us when you are too busy trying to do something else and we can take a message from anyone who calls. If you prefer we could even call you when we have one of your clients, and if you are too busy to take the call we can take a message. With your telephones taken care of you will have more time to deal with other business needs.

We make sure we know every company’s needs and functions to provide the best service for you, if you only have a small company we will get to know you and your team closely and therefore get to know your clients for a seamless result.

So save precious business time and make sure you have a telephone answering service that will not only be able to develop a relationship with your staff, but also with your clients.

Client Feedback

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We are always delighted when we receive fantastic feedback from our clients.

One of our clients emailed us with this feedback from a client of theirs:

 “The young lady that you have answering your phone sounds like she really loves her job.  She is always so cheerful and bubbly when she picks up. It can’t help but brighten your day talking to someone so happy”

Well done to all of our Virtual Receptionists! 🙂

Festivals This Summer

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Music, mud and a lot of madness! The festival season is here, with some of the biggest events of the years including reading, the download festival, creamfields, the wireless festival and T in the park. So grab your wellies, a tent and choose which of the many festivals would be best for you.

For a three day festival in Lancashire, with eight stages for an impressive mix of live music and DJs, many foodstalls and of course face painting, head down to Beatherder, including the likes of ‘Mr Scruff’, ‘Mylo’ and ‘The Lancashire Hotpots’.

Or if your looking for a 2 day event in Inverness on the 5th and 6th August head north for the Belladrum Tartan Heart festival. With 5 stages and a mix of international and local artists and children’s entertainment, this festival has something for everyone. The line up includes ‘Texas’, ‘Deacon Blue’ and the very talented ‘Newton Faulkner’.

If a more of an electronic dance event takes your fancy, head to Cheshire on the 27th August for Creamfields for the number one outdoor dance festival. With a very impressive line up of ‘Above & Beyond’, ‘Calvin Harris’ and ‘David Guetta’ among the many talented DJ’s attending, there is no excuse not to grab some tickets and your best dancing shoes.

With so many incredible festivals this year, don’t sit in the garden with an Ipod, experience the real thing for a mind blowing experience!