Call Answering for Law Firms

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Our Virtual Reception Service has become very popular with a number of Law Firms.

One of our clients are a solicitor firm based in London where they have two separate offices. With our system we are able to connect any caller to either one of the offices. This is very helpful as each office have solicitors specialising in different sectors so we determine what type of enquiry the callers has and can forward them to the right person.

The law firm also have a file look up system That has been installed on to our call answering software. This allows us to look up specific case references and find out who is dealing with that case. This means that we can forward the call on to the solicitor who is dealing with that specific case.

So as you can see no matter what sort of firm you run Best Reception can help!

Best Reception – Setting up your Line

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Setting up your line with Best Reception couldn’t be easier! When you decide to go live with us the first thing we do is take a few basic details about your company, such as your company name, number, address, email address and what your company specialises in. You will also be asked how you would like us to answer and handle your calls. These details with then be added to our database of companies in order to set up your script and get under way.

As soon as you give us the information about your company and what you require, we will set up a phone line for you and you will be assigned your own locally sourced 01992 number to divert your calls to (DDI). However if you prefer we can also source 0800 numbers for you too!

This DDI will be assigned to your very own team of Virtual Receptionists, so whenever a call comes in it will go through to your own team of 4 receptionists to give a more personal touch.

Once we have set up your DDI number and your account code we will email you an application form to sign and fill in to make sure you are entirely happy with starting up with us and agree to all the terms and conditions.

Now it is time to set up your script! To start we need to link your DDI number to our call answering software so that as soon as that number is called our system recognises it and your script pops up. Then we get to work on the rest of the script and start adding all the other details such as the greeting, company contacts, call handling information and general company information.

When your script is all up and running we will let you know and you can start diverting your calls to us when you like!

Switchboard Services

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If you are a larger company and have no need for a front house receptionist but need your calls put through to members of your team, then Best Reception can help you!

All we need from you is a list of your employees, their direct dials and email addresses and we can set up your very own bespoke switchboard service. Our system allows us to add an unlimited amount of contacts to so we can cater for all companies no matter how large!

With the service we can guarantee that all calls will be answered in your company name in a polite and professional way. We will always announce each call to you before we transfer it so you know who is on the other line. If you are not available to take your calls all you have to do is let us know and we can take a message for you instead.

You can also give us job titles/positions of your staff so that when someone calls and asks for a certain departments such as accounts or sales we can put them through to the relevant person/people.

By using Best Reception as your switchboard you are choosing a personal and friendly service for your callers rather than them hearing a cold automated message asking them to enter an extension. This way your clients will feel much more appreciated and pleased to be helped by being put through to the correct person.

Virtual Reception Services For Overflow Calls

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Have you ever thought of what might happen to your calls when your Receptionist cannot take them? For instance what happens if she is already on another call, out for lunch or even off sick? Best Reception can provide a perfect solution to this problem.

You can set up a divert to us so your calls come through to your very own Virtual Receptionists whether your receptionist is on the other line, out of the office or away from her desk. This means that your callers will never have to sit in a holding queue or be greeted by an answer phone and are more likely to leave a message than hang up the phone. Not only can this potentially save you from losing out on new business enquiries but it also means existing clients are more satisfied as they have spoken to someone rather than leaving a voice mail.

An example of this service put in to practice is a top London Hair Salon that uses us for exactly this purpose. When their receptionist is on the other line making appointments, their calls come through to us. If the callers want to book an appointment we explain that the receptionist with the diary is on another call and take their details and let them know that she will call them back shortly.

So as you can see not only can Best Reception act as your full time receptionist answering all your incoming calls but you can also rely on us to be there simply for your overflow calls when you are unavailable!

Virtual Receptionists – Their First Days

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When a new receptionist starts with us here at Best Reception rather than getting them straight on to the phone there is a process that is followed, this is to ensure that all new virtual Receptionists are fully trained and confident in answering your calls before any are taken.

Firstly, they sit down with the Managing Director and go through the Best Reception Core Values; here they will learn what we expect from them and how essential being friendly and professional on every call is.

Once this verbal stage of training is completed they will then sit down with the office manager and be introduced to our call handling system and shown all the ins and outs of it. As soon as they become accustomed to this we run through a few practice calls and role play situations with them so they get an idea of what to expect on a call and how to react to a range of situations. They will only start answering live calls when both they and the office manager are 100% confident that they are able to and ready to.

Once the receptionist is ready they will start taking calls. The first calls they take will be either patching or general message taking. The order taking or appointment booking clients will be excluded from the incoming calls they handle during this time.

Initially they will handle such calls on both teams, however they will then go on to train with the team leader of their elected team and go on to answer their teams calls only.

They will be carefully monitored during their first week with a team leader shadowing them at all times to ensure that all calls are handled in the correct manner and that they have support whenever needed.

The commencing weeks will consist of the new starter furthering their knowledge of their team’s client base to an even greater extent. For example they will be shown how to book appointments on a variety of different booking systems and also learn how to place orders.

Here at Best Reception there is always more to learn as new clients are joining us all the time so in this sense training never ends.

When a new Receptionist starts here there are certain attributes that we like to ensure that they have, such as positivity, professionalism and a friendly and approachable personality to name a few. This means that your Receptionist handles your calls to the best ability.

Telephone Answering For Recruitment Companies

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One of our clients focus on Finance and H.R recruitment, they find our Reception Service useful to help them deal with their workload.

When a new candidate joins we can take all their details including information on what job roles they are looking for.

Not only do we handle all the incoming calls for them but on request we also complete a range of admin work including formatting and updating candidate CV’s with all their employment history. For this we have a detailed template to follow in order to format the CV to the highest standard.

Not only does this help save their time so they can spend quality time with candidates but it also means that they can rely on us to provide high quality CV’s that are formatted quickly and efficiently whenever they need them!

Customer Service – A Key Ingredient in Success

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When people ask me what we do at Best Reception, a typical answer would be likely to be that we are a “virtual reception” or a “telephone answering service” however, this doesn’t necessarily do justice to our company or the brilliant team that we’re lucky to have.  Although our core activity does definitely involve providing a reception service to answer the phone for hundreds of companies, we are at our very core a customer service company, through and through.

Every time one of our virtual receptionists answers the phone, they ‘put on the hat’ of the client that they are answering the phone for and for the duration of that call, it is vital that they provide the highest level of customer service to their caller.  As the actual activity that each call involves varies so immensely, from taking customer orders to booking apppointments, providing product information or even just putting the caller through to one of our clients, the phone is simply the medium used for our team to provide this brilliant customer service.

Many company owners that approach Best Reception, looking for a solution to their telephone answering needs, are still in the fledgling stage of their new business and will be looking into the various ways that they can ensure their new business thrives.  If I could offer just one piece of advice to any such business it would be to provide brilliant customer service in every aspect of your business.

Our success as a company is 100% dependent on the people we employ and ensuring that they understand and buy into our belief in brilliant customer service.  They are not just the front line of our company, they’re the front line of our customer’s companies too – and as a business owner, I would need to have exceptional confidence in any company that I was enslisting to represent me and I would definitely check for a proven track record, testimonials and client recommendations.

When considering which virtual reception to choose, it is likely that price will be a factor and understandably so.  We’ve always prided ourselves on offering exceptional value for money and a clear pricing structure but I genuinely hope that when people recommend our services to others (as they often do!) that they focus on the quality of our receptionists, their poisitivity, professionalism, friendliness and the great customer service…

…if they also mention the fact that we’re extremely competitive on price too, that’s a bonus!

Economic Recovery in 2012 – Small Businesses to Lead the Way

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According to our politicians, small businesses are to provide the backbone of the country’s return to economic prosperity.  As a very hands-on Director of a company that provides telephone answering services for businesses of all sizes, it would appear that SME’s are continuing to flourish, even during these turbulent times.

With a client base that ranges across a multitude of sectors, I’ve always felt that our busy-ness was an excellent guage on how busy the world of industry was at any given time. and there are 2 main factors within this mix;

The volume of calls we are handling on a day to day basis for our existing clients and
The number of new enquiries we receive from SME’s requiring a virtual reception service.

On both counts, our evidence suggests that while there are some companies that are feeling the pinch, the majority of our clients seem to be keeping the wheels of industry turning at a healthy rate and we are fortunate enough to be a part of their success; with our call volume and our number of clients substantially higher than at the same time last year.

It doesn’t however appear that we are out of the woods yet though and the main concern that appears to be prevalent among my fellow business owners is that of what the future holds, rather than the current situation.  There definitely appears to be a concern about making financial commitments and many are looking at cost-saving measures, such as using a virtual reception like Best Reception in order to enable them provide a consistent and professional image to their callers but without the need to commit to the costly impact of recruiting staff for the same purpose.

On this note, with increasing legislation coming into effect all the time, it is understandable that many business owners are looking at alternatives to recruiting staff and are outsourcing wherever possible.  The imminent arrival of the NEST pension scheme is sure to deliver a blow to many small businesses who are contemplating expansion and recruitment of staff.  It isn’t just the financial consideration of the 1,2 then 3% contribution that they’ll be required to contribute but also that innevitable administration that will accompany the change and ongoing management.  According to this month’s First Voice Magazine (from the Federation of Small Business), an average small company “will pay at least an extra £2,550 per year in administration and pension costs”.

Looking at the bigger picture, perhaps the introduction of a compulsory pension scheme is the only solution to an ageing population however, at a time where many small companies are already tightening their belts and where our PM is quoted in the same publication as saying “[small businesses’] success is vital to delivering the jobs and growth on which the future of our economy depends” I can’t help but feel that an extra financial and admin burden doesn’t really seem particularly well-timed.

While this change in legislation may actually mean that more companies consider outsourcing their reception function to a telephone answering service, personally, I’d love to see more positive changes to help small business to thrive and therefore contribute even more to our all too fragile economy.

Taking care of your VIP’s

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Here at Best Reception we appreciate that new clients are just as valuable to the running of your business as your long term existing clients. This is why we offer a bespoke service that is specifically for your essential long term customers.

For no extra charge we offer a special VIP service. All you need to do to set this up is provide us with the company names and their phone numbers and we will add them to a VIP list. Once they are on the list it means that when anyone calling from that company calls it will flash up on our screen who is calling and that they are a VIP.  

When your Virtual Receptionist sees that it is a VIP client calling they know to sound familiar with them, we also tend not to ask them what their call is regarding. Likewise instead of asking for their number we can ask them “Are you on the usual number?” instead. However this is all optional, if they are a VIP but you still want us to obtain a number or message from them you can just let us know and we can set this up.

So as you can see here at Best Reception we care about all of your clients whether new or old and always aim to keep them and you happy!

Virtual Reception for Outbound Calls

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  At Best Reception not only do we handle as much of your incoming call volume as you would like us to but we can also make outbound calls for you too! This helps to give an even more seamless illusion of having a front desk receptionist.

  We can arrange and reschedule appointments for you or we can even call back clients who may just need a message passing on to them. If you do not have a large sales team and have clients calling to find out information about services or products we can help you save time by calling clients who may have specific requirements and help them with their queries.

  For smaller companies this service helps your company appear larger by having a virtual assistant arrange your meetings or appointments or even by giving the illusion of a sales team. Or if you are a larger company, you could save valuable time by using Best Reception to call your clients for you.

  Whatever you requirements may be, Best Reception will be happy to help.