158 Days to the London Marathon… how did it all begin?

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I should start this blog by saying that I’ve NEVER run anything like a marathon distance in my life and the prospect of what lies ahead is extremely daunting!

In 2009 in a moment of madness, I decided to enter the Great North Run for charity, Asthma UK, as I wanted to raise some money for this cause which is extremely important to me and my family (my young daughter has been hospitalised by asthma in the past). Although I would’ve considered myself at the time to be of average fitness, I had never run any sort of distance or entered any sporting event (unless school sports day counts!?!), so this seemed like an ideal way to really challenge myself and genuinely earn my sponsorship money.

It was tough, a genuine challenge in the truest sense but thanks to amazing generosity and support from my friends, family, colleagues and clients I was able to complete the race (in just over 2 hours) and exceed my own personal goal, and more importantly, I far exceeded my sponsorship target; I am confident that the money I raised will now have been put towards helping those who suffer from Asthma and hopefully improving their future.

In April 2011, it will be over a year and a half since and although I now would consider myself as someone who has developed a bit of the running bug, the idea of the finish line of the Great North Run only being the half-way mark of the London Marathon is somewhat terrifying!! However, I can only do my best and am hoping to raise as much as possible for Asthma UK again.

It is with this cause in mind that I’ll be heading out into the cold dark nights and early mornings to try to get into some form of condition to stay the course. As the countdown progresses, I may even have to cut back on my, ahem, occassional glass of wine too..

So here goes.. :o)

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